5 Steps To Increase Engagement On Twitter

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When it comes to social media, Twitter is one network that a lot of people just don’t get. If you’re not getting the type of reaction you hope for on Twitter, there is a good chance you need to change your approach. For example, did you know that you can nearly double your engagement rate on Twitter by including an image with your Tweet?

Let’s look at some other ways to increase engagement on Twitter:

Use Hashtags: When you use Hashtags with your posts like keywords, it makes it easier for people to find the posts you are making. It also increases engagement because the people who see your tweets will already be interested in those topics that they chose to follow/search the hashtags for.

Don’t Overdo Your Hashtags: While hashtags are useful, research has also shown that you can overdo it. 2-3 hashtags per tweet is sufficient. Research has actually shown that tweets with one or two hashtags have a higher engagement rate than those with three or more hashtags. So pick your best one or two and go with that. Posts with tons of hashtags are seen as spammy and get little to no engagement.

Retweet Others: Retweeting others is a great way to increase engagement. It also shows that you are actually using your Twitter account and not just automating everything. When you see a post that you think your readers will like, go ahead and retweet it from your account. The users you retweet will also see this and are more likely to return the favor. You can retweet people you are not following as long as they have public feeds.

Tweet on the Weekend: Research has also shown that Twitter has higher engagement rates on the weekend but few businesses tweet on Saturday and Sunday. If you get in there and start tweeting on the weekends, there’s a good chance you’re going to see this increase in engagement as well.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Finally, don’t go for long tweets. Short and sweet is the best approach and it means more people will retweet or reply. Remember they are scanning down their feed quickly and shorter posts that are to the point are much more likely to be read.

You can buy Twitter followers but keep in mind that this will not increase your engagement. There is no guarantee that these followers will actually be interested in what you tweet about or want to engage with your posts. 

This post was generously provided by Sarah Branch.

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  • Gautham Nekkanti Apr 27, 2013 @ 22:07

    I have found many webmasters and bloggers overusing the hastags to bring in more exposure to their tweets, as you’ve described, it’s not good at all.

  • Karen Woodham Apr 29, 2013 @ 13:22

    What always annoys me is when you get people using instagram for their pictures and they tweet them out with no end of hash tags! I always try to tweet out with the keyword in the sentance with the hash tag, rather than having it stamped on the end, but sometimes that isn’t possble.

    • deborah Jun 26, 2013 @ 13:49

      I like that, Karen, with the keyword hashtagged. It reads better and makes more human sense 😉

  • Packers movers hyderabad Apr 30, 2013 @ 2:53

    i am found to the many bloggers and webmaster .It also increases engagement because the people who see your tweets will already be interested in those topics that they chose to follow/search the hash tags .thanks for the article ……

  • Jan Merrifield May 2, 2013 @ 23:10

    Great article and very good solution. Thanks for posting. The solutions for such kind of problems are found very rare. Keep Posting.

    • deborah Jun 26, 2013 @ 14:23

      Thanks, Jan. Feel free to join us on our weekly Twitter Chat if you have any more questions or want to share your solutions. 😉

  • Everett May 8, 2013 @ 7:04

    Nice thorough information, thank you for this blog post! This should help those who also are having a hard time gaining more twitter followers for their presence!

    • deborah Jun 26, 2013 @ 14:32

      Hi Everett. Yes, and hopefully, it inspires people on engaging using Twitter. Now, if only we could create more hours in the day…(!) 🙂

  • Karen Woodham Jun 2, 2013 @ 0:25

    My number one rule of thumb, is never ever buy twitter followers, it may look good in the numbers, but they bare a complete waste of time when it comes to having any engagement!

    • deborah Jun 4, 2013 @ 14:36

      Good point, Karen. Numbers are not the goal… Quality is the goal.

  • Ankit Kumar Singla Jun 21, 2013 @ 3:23

    Dear I am following all these tips but fail to get tweets on my blog posts. I am using facebook groups that helps me to gain FB likes but I am getting trouble to get tweets. Can you please assist me? Please!

    • deborah Jun 29, 2013 @ 21:07

      Hello Ankit, I wish I could remember who to give credit to, but a couple of months ago I was reading something about promotion and they said, “one person at a time.” I have found that getting retweets often has more to do with relationship and conversing with others, tweeting their stuff, and less about the instant results. It is amazing how, when you focus on the people, the tweets, retweets, follows “just happen.”

  • Claire Greenhow Sep 26, 2015 @ 3:13

    I am pleased to see you’ve mentioned the over use of hashtags, it’s one thing that really annoys me across all social networks. A couple is sufficient, any more is overkill and stops me reading or clicking the link. Interested to learn that you can double your engagement rate on Twitter by including an image with your Tweet. I’ve just read your other post about Twitter image sizes so I am going to give this a try.

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