Wedding websites are all the rage among engaged couples today. Instead of dealing with family and friends constantly calling them on the phone, sending them emails and blowing up their phones with text messages, those loved ones can learn about the upcoming nuptials on a simple website. Whether you are still in the early stages of planning your big day, or you haven’t yet set a wedding date, you can still create a wedding website. There are just a few things you should keep in mind before that site goes live.

Graphics creation was once the domain of graphic designers. For large projects, graphic designers are still an indispensable resource. However, with the proliferation of blogs and the rise of new, image-based social media platforms (i.e. Pinterest and Instagram) companies and individuals are seeing the benefit of creating their own graphics. There are plenty of options [...]

Some people mess up when they design a website because they end up with frustrated visitors. I’ve talked about a few things they need to watch out for if they want to keep their visitors happy.
When you design your website it’s important that you don’t rush into anything too quickly. You don’t want people to click away and never come back. If you want everyone to enjoy spending time on your site it’s really important that you don’t annoy them. You know how much patience an average visitor has these days and it’s easy to scare them away.

Visual tension can be defined as asymmetry in a design. This prevents the design from becoming static and attaining a superficial appearance. Is visual tension improtant? This is the most important aspect of designing, since the designer would like to convey or communicate some important message or a point to a visitor or the client. [...]