Mini-Course in Making Money With an Online Store The reason I am calling this a mini-course is because it is a quickie listing of some of the things that you will have to consider, as an online ecommerce store owner. Ok, so back to our customer that just made a purchase. We are excited, aren’t [...]

Video Marketing Resources (Ultimate List)

Video Editing Software and ToolsFinal Cut Pro by – This is my favorite video editing tool. It seems fitting that it is at the top of the list, literally. Granted, just because it is my favorite, does not mean it is the right program for everyone. For one thing, I am a Mac user [...]

Marketing For a Digital Age

Services Made Easy Technology has actually streamlined the marketing process. The services available today can revolutionize the way that you reach a global base of customers. From email marketing to pay per click advertising, online marketing is a new way of reaching an increasingly tech-savvy populace. Website development was the first stage of this development, [...]