You are probably wondering why you are seeing a hair products post on this social media marketing blog, but it isn’t that unusual. For a long time, I have thought of posting tips for what I use for my videos. As you know, I am the co-host of the weekly “Marketing Momentum w/Charles & Deborah” [...]

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about #SocialCafe CashDonator plugin w/Enstine MukiTwitter Event QuestionsQ1:  What is the CashDonator plugin?Q2:  Why do I need the cashdonator plugin? What is in it for me?Q3:  How is CashDonator better than the free PayPal Wordpress plugins?Q4:  What are some tips and tricks on how to use CashDonator?

Get MEGA Exposure With EasyRetweet

Enstine Muki is brilliant. He has not only created an excellent platform for Retweet Exchange, but he has created a platform for engagement and relationship building among bloggers, and that is priceless.

When I first started on Twitter (how many eons ago?), it was as if I sat staring at the screen saying to myself, “Now what do I do?” All this great content was flurrying by and I wanted to share, but didn’t know what to share. Enter, EasyRetweet!

With EasyRetweet, I choose what I want to retweet. You can decide whether you want to retweet everything, or be selective, picking out the content (retweets) that appeals to your Twitter audience. And, if you are short on time, you can purchase credits. That way, you can offer your tweets for retweeting, even if you have limited time to “earn” credits. Great subscription plans, feature plans, and more!

Kiesha Easley, the inspiring, and encouraging force behind has partnered with Enstine Muki (EasyRetweet), to give you an AWESOME opportunity to get some of those coveted credits and started getting your content tweeted. Check out the information, below: