Instagram Video #SocialCafe #TBW (Summary)

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about Instagram Video.

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Instagram is another micro video site similar to Vine, but offering us more than twice the length of video. Granted, that is still only 15 seconds, but it can be bundles of fun!


Social Buzz Club #SocialCafe #TBW (Summary)

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event was about Social Buzz Club.

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Social Buzz Club is more than just a club, it is also a network of influencers ready and waiting to share your buzz. There is also Social Buzz University which provides regular training sessions to help you become more effective in your business.


Twitter Outage

We experienced a Twitter lag this evening. Interestingly, tweets going out of TweetDeck were fine. However, the search mechanism in Twitter (which is what filters for the #SocialCafe and #TBW hashtags), was not quite so fine.

That's ok, we can go with the flow. Please refer to the Twitter Calendar to find out what is coming up, and also the Hangout Calendar.

Also, for kicks, check out an article on Twitter Outage, for ideas on what to do when Twitter goes down.

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5 Steps To Increase Engagement On Twitter

When it comes to social media, Twitter is one network that a lot of people just don’t get. If you’re not getting the type of reaction you hope for on Twitter, there is a good chance you need to change your approach. For example, did you know that you can nearly double your engagement rate on Twitter by including an image with your Tweet?

Let’s look at some other ways to increase engagement on Twitter:


#SocialCafe #TBW QR Code Twitter Chat

How many of us are using QR codes? Have you ever wondered about them, but haven’t taken the plunge to try them yet? Are you already using QR codes and you would love to share all your cool ideas?


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