How To Successfully Promote Affiliate Products On A Mobile Website

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Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and they’re increasing in number. Companies are focused more on mobility. People are mobile, and they access the internet from anywhere. They’re still a good target audience. Gone are the days where people need to go to a public library, internet café, their office, or their desktop, just to browse the internet. Now, they can use their Smartphones and tablets to access the web wherever they are. They can even use their gadgets to make purchases. That’s why it is important for you to know about how to sell to this audience. You need to build a mobile website. But, this mobile website needs to be able to promote affiliate product as effectively as full-sized website. How? Here are 5 tips you can use to successfully promote affiliate product on the mobile website.

1. Choose A Mobile-Oriented Affiliate Product

It means that you should choose a product that can be effectively marketed through mobile web site. For instance, it is not a good idea to promote PC software on your mobile website, while it is a good idea to promote mobile apps on your mobile website. You should be able to see the opportunity in the product that you’re going to promote. You have to see whether it is good to promote it on your mobile website or not. Additionally, you have to choose an affiliate program that gives easy mobile payment system. It means that the program is already optimized for mobile marketing.

2. Create A Mobile App Designed To Presell Your Audience

For example, if you want to promote a dating product from Clickbank to your mobile audience, you can do it in this way. You can create a mobile app that is designed to presell your audience. This app will contain some useful content and small ebook that will help your audience to learn some tips about dating. Then, you can put an autoresponder form in this app. In this app, your focus is to capture a person’s name and email address so that you can presell your product to their email address later.

3. Put A Simple Lead-Capture Page

Attracting leads from your mobile website is important because of one reason: people don’t always remember about your mobile website. Yes, people usually surf the mobile web because they want to kill some time or simply kill their boredom. If you put a lead-capture page in your website, you can at least get in touch with your visitors for weeks or months to come. They won’t forget about your website in this way. Also, you can promote your affiliate product later through email marketing.

4. Build Simple Content-Rich Mobile Web Site

Not many people are into mobile marketing. Therefore, not all people have an interest to build a mobile website and rank it high in the search engine. Therefore, the competition in mobile SEO is still very loose. You can rank your mobile website easily if you can build simple content-rich website. Yes, the majority of mobile websites out there are spam, and since the competition is not stiff, they can achieve a good rank in the search engine. Remember that the majority of them only consists of links with no useful content, and they rank well. Now, imagine if you can come with content-rich mobile web. You’ll be able to run faster and attract a big audience quickly.

5. Attract Traffic With A Mobile Advertising Campaign

If you want a quicker and cheaper way to attract traffic to your mobile website, you can use mobile advertising campaign. There are several of them. You can either use CPM or CPC for your ads. This is the most effective way to start driving traffic to your mobile website fast, especially if your website is still new and you want to attract traffic to it immediately.

Those are some tips you can use to successfully promote affiliate product on mobile website.

This post was generously provided by Bren Baker.

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  • Juliet May 6, 2013 @ 23:19

    Thanks for this information and keep up the good work in this website. Cheers!

    • deborah Jun 26, 2013 @ 14:32

      Thanks, Juliet. Glad you found it helpful.

  • jhonaxel May 9, 2013 @ 0:18

    your article very useful for me and the aboue points are best mobile websites….

    • deborah Jun 26, 2013 @ 14:33

      Yes, jhonaxel, our guest author did a great job, eh?

  • Todd from VitebMobileApps Jul 11, 2013 @ 3:20

    Hi Bren,
    I got some good tips from your informative article on promoting affiliate products on mobile sites. They are one of the important medium of marketing nowadays.You have done a good job. Really thankful to you for your nice efforts in creating an informative article.

    • deborah Nov 30, 2013 @ 18:12

      Yes, some great info in this article, eh? And, affiliate marketing is only going to increase, and video and mobile, that much more. Thanks, Todd.

  • Chetan Gupta Sep 28, 2013 @ 22:58

    Really It’s a great experience for me to read this post which help me to learn something new and interesting. Thanks for your explanation. 😉

    • deborah Dec 8, 2013 @ 2:35

      I’m glad you were able to learn something, Chetan. 🙂

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