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Rocky Murasing
6 years ago

Even a small business an help us to earn a huge amount of profit. So, it should be planned with most convenient tactics. Thanks for sharing such essential tips in this regard.

6 years ago

i am a new blogger,thanks for sharing the tips on what to include in small business website.

5 years ago

Thanks man i am planning to create a site for my business

5 years ago

SEO is also required.

5 years ago

Not to forget a map with the location of the business, which makes it easier for people to find it without the address. Loved the article!

5 years ago

One more thing I’d add is a call to action. I think all small business sites would do better if they thought about the #1 thing that they want their visitors to do and then added a call to action based on that goal.

5 years ago

Nice read for any new small business owner. A website is an absolute necessity; if you don’t have one you are truly missing out on traffic opportunities. It is so, so easy to make a website nowadays with all of the website builders available on the web. I recommend using wix.com. Wix is awesome! Simple to use, very affordable, stunning designs, and can be created by someone with zero tech skills.

5 years ago

This is great.thanks for sharing

Bhavik Solanki
5 years ago

Thank you for giving this important information. This post helpful for small business including online and develop a website. And for that in this post give topics in brief and explain that business’s content domain name is most important to including small business websites.

Ravi Sah
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge i appreciate the post 🙂

Anand Kumar
5 years ago

Hi, if small businesses can add blogs to their website then it will be a huge success for them.

5 years ago

Great post.A good website goes a long way to help small businesses.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this info. Very useful. IMO Social presence is the most important thing nowadays.

5 years ago

I do have business and I like you post. One thing I like to recommend is ensuring that you have a professional email address as compared to free emails like gmail/yahoo.
Nice blog.

Luis fred
5 years ago

Ahan Nice sharing !
Definitely must require SEO!
Thanks mate !

Mike Buttler
5 years ago

Yes, very informative article.
Basically, the main thing is that your website theme should be nice and user-friendly! Then the content or service you provide.
Good Luck

Vihaan Kapoor
5 years ago

This is great.thanks for sharinG

Deborah Anderson
5 years ago
Reply to  Vihaan Kapoor

Sure thing, Vihaan. Thanks.

What To Include in Your Small Business Website

What To Include in Your Small Business Website

Having a website is an absolute necessity if you run a small business in the Internet age. You have the option of building yourself, but you also have the option of hiring someone experienced (i.e. specializing in small business website design), to do it for you (and relieve a lot of hassle and stress!). Either way, here are five key elements that should be included:

Domain Name

Similar to consumer recognition of logo designs, your domain name (which becomes your website address or URL), will be part of how your business is recognized online. Choose a domain name that’s short, memorable, and easily communicated. Avoid tricky or clever spellings- these can result in missed opportunities.

Reliable Hosting

You’ll need a reliable host for your website when it’s ready to go live. Internet users make decisions very quickly and are known for being a little impatient. If your site doesn’t load fast enough or there are technical issues that take it offline, users will move on to another site.

Clear Site Structure and Navigation

You want the folks finding your website to be compelled to either purchase your product or visit your physical location. Your site structure and menu navigation should make it as easy as possible for them to get what they need. Make sure your design is mobile-friendly too. More consumers are using mobile devices than ever before.

Content About Your Business

Your website should describe what your business is all about and what the business represents. Consider it a brochure, but online. Incorporating a blog onsite is a good idea too- you can share regular posts with industry news here, for example. As an added perk, your website has the potential to interest people in your company whether it’s the weekend, after hours, or while you’re away on vacation.

Contact Info

Your contact information should be clearly displayed on every page of the site. Avoid limiting contact information to a single method. Show your customers you’re there for them by including your business name, physical address, email address, and phone number.

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