5 Steps In Which A QR Code True To Its Name Can Fetch You The Quick Response You Desire!

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Deborah says, "Paul shares some great ideas on how to use those QR codes. See also QR Codes #SocialCafe ."

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Those of you who have created a website for your product or business will know that creating one is just the first half of the game. In the second half, you need to promote it and make sure you do it well. There are numerous ways to ensure you increasingly keep getting clicks on your website. Promotion tools like  mobile display ads, mobile apps, SMS marketing, QR codes, location based apps, etc. have been proven to go a long way in increasing the views on websites. For a business that's starting to build a strong foothold for itself, QR codes are one of the easiest ways to start with. Today we look how QR codes can get you the much desired increase in the site views in just 5 steps.

Decide your end goal

Every QR code is designed with a motive in mind. It is a marketing tool, but what you want it to do needs to be kept in mind. The end goal has an effect on the design of the code and landing page as well as its placement. You can get as creative with the purpose as you want. QR codes have been used for the purpose of personalizing gifts with the help of audio messages in the past which is a unique marketing add-on. So, the options are various and this makes it important for you to know exactly what you want the code to do.

Create a landing page

Before you promote your website, make sure you create a landing page for the traffic to find. When someone uses a QR code to reach your website, your landing page is the first thing they see. This makes it imperative for you design it well. Have a mobile optimized landing page which is aptly sized for a smart phone screen. It must have a limited number of fields as most of the Smartphone users do not prefer filling up lengthy forms.

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Create a QR code

After creating a landing page, paste the URL on any QR code generator. There are numerous available, but the ones worth checking out are Kaywa and GOQR.me. One of the best things about a QR code is that you can customize it to look like anything you want. Want it to reflect your website design scheme or your brand logo; you can have it as you wish! However, one thing to keep in mind while creating the QR code is your end goal. Know exactly what you want the code to do and design it accordingly.

Add the code

After the first two steps are done, the only way to put it to use is by spreading it around and to your targeted audience. The only way the QR code will work is when it is on your promotional material and your product reaches the intended user. Adding it your product is one of the easiest ways to get your customer to converse with you. It will be fuss free for the consumer and you will benefit from instant feedback.  Keep in mind your end goal, send it forward and let people know.

Promote the code

It really makes no sense to have a QR code and not promote it. Let the world now that you have a code that will help them get in touch with you fuss free. Take help social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. and any other tool you have at our disposal. Billboards and ads at local areas are a great way too. Especially if your marketing strategy is sharing real time information, then placing them on ads in public transport is a good idea.

In just 5 steps you will have developed a QR code and reached out to an audience that was completely beyond your reach. This goes on to prove that with technology and a keen mind at your disposal, no part of your audience can stay untouched!

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