SEO Contingency Plans That You MUST Have In Place

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Deborah says, "Nothing in life is "for sure," and SEO is no exception. Vadim Kirichenko makes suggestions for diversification to help with a contingency plan, "just in case.""

Now, on to the article...

Being a successful businessman (or woman), is not a single skill. Rather, being a success in business is down to a number of different skills, each of which are crucial in helping you to steer your organization into the stratosphere. This applies to the SEO business of course as well, where it’s highly important to always have a contingency. It’s not good enough to just be good at writing articles and getting them published on other sites – you also need to be good at predicting what the next algorithm change is going to be and at imagining the worst case scenarios so that your business is future-proof and resilient. This is particularly important in SEO of course because of the rapid rate at which it changes. So if you want to make sure that your career in optimization is stable and that you aren’t at risk, read on to learn how to protect yourself.

Scenario One: Google Updates Their Algorithm

Imagine Google suddenly announces that it’s changing its algorithms tomorrow and that the primary method you’ve been relying on to rank is no longer going to work. Your site is doomed to drop onto the tenth page, unless you have a back-up plan.

What you should do then is to make sure that your optimization technique doesn’t rely too heavily on a single concept. In other words, you should 100% rely on submitting guests posts and nor should you 100% rely on article directories. By spreading your bets and creating a varied links profile, nothing will be able to take you down in a single go and you’ll have lots of strategies to fall back on once your primary one has abandoned you.

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Scenario Two: Your Clients Leave You

If you make your money from providing SEO services to clients, then you are somewhat reliant on those clients sticking around. If they go and get their services from another provider, then that will leave you with no reliable income stream. And that’s a problem.

Your backup plan then should consider where you are going to get more clients from (ODesk, eLance, your list of contacts…), and how you will make money in the meantime. Perhaps through optimising and monetising sites of your own?

Scenario Three: AdSense is No Longer a Viable Option

If your site relies on making money from AdSense, then you might well find yourself in a spot of bother should your AdSense account be closed inexplicably. The solution here is to have more methods of monetisation that you can revert back to. For instance, you could always sell a product of your own and place ads for that on your site instead, or you could try out one of the competitors.

Scenario Four: ‘SEO’ Dies

Many sites have hailed the death of SEO, but in reality the statistics suggest it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t hurt to have a plan for how you’d survive a Googlepocalypse.

The best way to do this would be to explain to your existing clients how the ‘nature of SEO has changed’ (optimization of a sort will always exist) and to make sure that you have other skills under your belt to offer them. Web design for instance, or perhaps social media marketing?

Diversify now, plan ahead now, and continually develop yourself. That way you and your business will be ready for anything.

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This post was generously provided by Vadim Kirichenko.


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