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10 years ago

And to think I was going to talk to soomene in person about this.

10 years ago

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-udensrtand article on this topic.

10 years ago

Dag nabbit good stuff you wihppesrnappers!

10 years ago

There are no words to descibre how bodacious this is.

RSS Reader Clean-Up

RSS Reader Clean-Up

I used to click on those little RSS buttons on any and every button I saw (or, so it seemed).

Then, I read somewhere that you should only subscribe to those blogs that you really want to read, or do read.  Ok, great advice, right?  Pretty soon, I stopped reading most everything except the few blogs that I was particularly loyal to follow and read religiously.

Part of it was because the Google Reader was taking too long to load, even on my brand new mega fast Mac.  Could it be loading all of those blogs, unread as they may be, along with all the included graphics, music players, and YouTub vids?  Ya think?

So, yesterday afternoon, I started going through my Google Reader and purging the blogs (when I wasn’t distracted by reading all of the new blog postings that I had missed…).

I developed my criteria for purging:

  • If there are no new posts for the past year or more, easy unsubscribe.
  • If there are no new posts in the past six months and no real indication and no real indication that there is any regularity, unsubscribe.

Everything is not so cut and dried and sometimes I felt like a judge dropping my gavel on some poor soul without giving them the opportunity to defend their blog.  But, this is not the death penalty.  There is always opportunity to re-subscribe and if the blogger does not care enough to blog regularly, why do I spin my wheels to follow a car that hasn’t backed out of the driveway?

Oops, wait!  Those criteria could start to apply to me, if I am not careful!

Better get blogging….

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