Improve Your Band’s PR And Marketing With Regular Blogging!

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Deborah says, "Some great tips here, if you have a band, or, as a labor of love, helping your favorite indie band."

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Any band worth their salt knows the importance of marketing and PR. There are thousands of bands all around the country, all of whom are trying to get noticed and rise to the top of the pile. In this day and age, no band can afford to be without a top quality website, and they also need to be completely on top of their social media pages. Regular updates keep your band fresh in people’s minds, and if you don’t do it, then other bands will get more of their attention. People really love to know all about a band and sometimes 140 characters on Twitter is just not going to cut it. You need to get blogging – sooner rather than later. Blogging will help you rise to the top of the search engine rankings by making your page look more authentic to companies such as Google. Blogging is the best marketing strategy you can employ – but only if your blogs are interesting! Here’s how to keep them fresh.

A Little More about the Band

People love to learn about the characters in a band, so a great idea for a blog is to interview each member and ask them things such as what drives them in life, what their other hobbies and interests are, or maybe what their take on the music world is. Perhaps each member could write their own blog about how they see the music industry changing and progressing, or who their personal favourite bands are. Be creative and keep it as interesting as possible. You’re looking to provide really interesting content that fans will share with other people – perhaps it will even go viral!

Trade Guest Blogs with Other Bands

Search engines love guest blogs (this is where you write a blog for another website). If there is another band that you work with or come across regularly, consider asking them to write a guest blog for your website, and return the favour by writing one for them. It’s a proper back-scratching exercise that both bands will benefit from.

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Don’t Just Write!

Blogs are about way more than just writing. Include photos (such as backstage shots, tour shots and instrument shots), as well as videos (tour diaries are a great idea) to really keep it interesting. If you do write a lot, then split the text up into sensibly-sized paragraphs with subtitles, so that the blog is easy to read. Nobody is going to look at a huge block of text and want to read it – keep it bite-sized and easy to digest. Avoid using long words or too many technical terms – you’ll alienate people.

Share Opinions

Why not give your fans your take on another band’s album? A music review always goes down well (keep it constructive and polite!). Or, why not review a film’s soundtrack, or even a bunch of advertising jingles?

Having an active presence online will keep you at the forefront of people’s minds. The golden rule is to offer great content that is relevant and concise. Give blogging a go, you’ll be amazed at the increase of traffic on your site, and this will inevitably lead to an increase in people at your gigs!

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This post was generously provided by Jess Fox.

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