5 Clever Ways to Connect with Influencers on Twitter

Influencers are everywhere on Twitter. They’re witty, they’re insightful, they’re powerful… and they’re bombarded every day by people like you who want to tag along [...]

Twitter Truths: 5 Common Twitter Misconceptions


There is so much information out there about Twitter that it’s hard to determine what is real and what is fake. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of articles out there that discuss features and information about Twitter that is entirely untrue, and then there are those people who simply are ignorant about Twitter and create myths about the popular social network.

If you want to use Twitter, it’s very important that you have an honest understanding of it. The following are five common misconceptions about Twitter.

1. I don’t have anything to say.

This is simply not true. ..

Is My Twitter Profile Secure?


Twitter is a very personal social media platform and with modern inventions such as smartphones, you are nearly always connected to the internet and these networks. As such, you can use Twitter – or “tweet” -  as regularly as you like.  With constant tweeting and success, you can build up a reputable following.

Yet, once you gain this following, you should be concerned about how secure your Twitter profile is.  It is, after all, one of the your most direct and important communication channels to your audience.  Whether it’s for personal use or for representing a larger company or organization, your Twitter account needs to be secure.

#SocialCafe CashDonator plugin w/Enstine Muki

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about #SocialCafe CashDonator plugin w/Enstine Muki

Twitter Event Questions

  • Q1:  What is the CashDonator plugin?
  • Q2:  Why do I need the cashdonator plugin? What is in it for me?
  • Q3:  How is CashDonator better than the free PayPal Wordpress plugins?
  • Q4:  What are some tips and tricks on how to use CashDonator?

#SocialCafe Freelancing and Keeping It Positive

This Twitter Chat and Party is for freelancers, with cool prizes! We are going to help you with ideas that you could use to generate income for yourself. Let's talk profits and successful case studies.

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