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Twitter chats flow smoothest when participants have an idea of what will be discussed when. For this reason, our chats usually feature four questions posted in advance.

This makes it easier for those interested in being involved in the chat to have any links they would like to share handy, make notes, or leave comments in this post for others to see.

Relevant links ARE encouraged. If it is your first time commenting or you include several links your comments may go to moderation, but rest assured that we will rescue them.

As usual, we will compile a recap of all the tweets so you can review any you missed or easily refer back to tools, tips, and ideas shared during the Social Web Cafe Twitter Event. You will find the recap in the Social Web Cafe Twitter Event Archives.

How to Follow a Twitter Event

The easiest way to follow a Twitter chat is to use TweetChat so just click on this TweetChat link to #SocialCafe.

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Deborah Anderson
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Deborah Anderson


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Deborah Anderson
Deborah Anderson
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