Is My Twitter Profile Secure?

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Twitter is a very personal social media platform and with modern inventions such as smartphones, you are nearly always connected to the internet and these networks. As such, you can use Twitter – or “tweet” –  as regularly as you like.  With constant tweeting and success, you can build up a reputable following.

Yet, once you gain this following, you should be concerned about how secure your Twitter profile is.  It is, after all, one of the your most direct and important communication channels to your audience.  Whether it’s for personal use or for representing a larger company or organization, your Twitter account needs to be secure.

Account Hacking

Unfortunately, Twitter accounts can often fall prey to hackers.  This can happen to anyone.  Singer Rita Ora has had her account famously hacked, being used to embarrass her.  Further accounts of breaches in Twitter and Facebook privacy levels include various football players and even large organizations such as Reuters.

In May, alone, 55,000 Twitter accounts were hacked and compromised.  These accounts were left open to those who would want to post negative or controversial messages under someone else’s name.


Whilst some might shrug off such incidents, it can have lasting effects.  For instance, some hacks can be much more subtle in that your direct audience might not instantly recognize that your account’s security has been jeopardized and view any insulting or defamatory comments as your own.

This would immediately damage or destroy your online reputation. This kind of destruction can be difficult to fix; even if you manage to regain control of your account.

Stay Insured

The best solution is to keep yourself insured against such incidents ever happening. Whilst there are a few things you can do, social media insurance will help. This is a service that is available to protect you, recovering damage should your account be hacked.

This, of course, will depend on the damage done, but social media insurance understands the lasting effects of a negative reputation online. As such, this insurance doesn’t award money for your trouble but instead focuses on providing help and expert assistance that would otherwise be expensive. This includes legal support, to help remove content, in addition to ‘reverse SEO’ management, to help stem any resulting backlash from the hacking incident.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s easy to see the benefits of having a quick and effective response available.


Additionally, you can take measures to make sure your account is more difficult to gain access to.  This is primarily done through your choice of password and an easy password is easy to guess. A harder, more complicated password makes it much more difficult for a hacker to gain entry into your Twitter account and is therefore a highly recommended part of online data protection.

Likewise, you should consider changing your password on a regular basis.  Not only does this make it harder to guess but also ensures that any keylogger viruses your computer has contracted are unable to keep track of your passwords.

In short, your Twitter account is not secure if you don’t take any active precautions. Whether it’s through reliable insurance and data protection, or through a constant changing of your password, there are a few methods available to keep access to your valuable Twitter account private and confidential.

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