What Is A Twitter Event?

Twitter Events

“Twitter Parties are great for company promotions and sales.
Twitter Chats are great for branding and continued client engagement” -Deborah Anderson, SocialWebCafe.com.

A Twitter Event is a designated time slot and designated hashtag (i.e. #SocialCafe) where a group of people get together on Twitter for a Twitter Event.  An event can be a Twitter Chat or a Twitter Party.  Here at SocialWebCafe, we believe in pleasing the client, while, at the same time, suggesting what works best, based on our proven track record.

A Twitter “Chat” generally serves the purpose of instructional, masterminding, “hanging out,” knowledge gain, and branding, and is many times thought to be a regularly scheduled event.

A Twitter “Party” often times has a brand, or business who is sponsoring the party and cool giveaways and prizes just for showing up. The format may also include opportunities to share you views on related topics, etc, as well as learn about the business sponsoring the party.

There are a couple of tools that are handy in keeping that hashtag straight:

Many times the Twitter Chats are scheduled weekly and create their own following as people look forward to the upcoming twitter chat and the time to get together and share new ideas and build relationships. See for yourself, in the Twitter Chat Archives.

All you have left to do is to show up! And, when the Twitter Event is run by SocialWebCafe, you will have an archive available if you happen to miss the chat or are unable to stay the entire length of the chat. Please view the Calendar to find out when the next chat is happening.

Find out more about hosting a Twitter Event, be it a chat, party, or your own concoction >>Click Here

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