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Images will be more critical in 2015 than they have to date – particularly on Twitter – because not everyone is currently using them effectively. There is a great advantage to using them now that will not exist when most tweets and other social media shares include an image. Today, any image gets more attention; [...]

The first time that I heard about was while visiting Karen Woodham’s Blazing Minds blog. I kept seeing these advertisements for Blog Engage on her site and the phrase, “Blog Engage,” alone, caught my attention. I like to engage, and to engage with other bloggers? I was curious.

Soon after, Karen had a contest and the prize was a Blog Engage account. Ok, I was game. I mean, all I had to do was a few tweets and shares per day, right? Silly me was new to raffles and didn’t realize it was a drawing. So, after I had ensured that I was ahead, by all the points I garnered, sure that I would win, I was sad to find out I didn’t win the Blog Engage membership.

I would daily visit and try to figure out what it was all about. It wasn’t clear to me at the time, as I felt like I was peering through the windows, like a child looking at a candy store.

When Ms. Ileane Speaks, it is a time to listen. She has so much valuable information to share about blogging, with her, as well as her podcast at

Oh, and you will also want to check out her newest program, on making money with YouTube videos.

Here is a vide interview of the wonderful Ms. Ileane, where she shares more tips and ideas. And, check out the links, below, for podcast versions of the same interview, as well as subscription info for Ms. Ileane.

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Just a couple of decades ago becoming a well-known artist presented a multitude of hurdles that very few could overcome. A connected planet has opened the doors for aspiring artists to enter the scene with far more ease increasing the possibility of getting discovered and securing the contract of their dreams. If you have artistic aspirations you no longer have to patiently wait for an audition or pray that a talent scout will discover you as you play your very own musical creations with your old electric guitar at the local bar. You my friend are the owner of your destiny and the captain of your ship. With a little time, some imagination and a great deal of passion you can learn to master social media and become the king or queen of your very own kingdom of fans. Want to know how? Here are a few no-fail tips from social media professionals that have managed to launch a few unknowns into stardom.
All The Channels-All The Time
While some social media tools of dissemination are way better than others it is super important that you cover all your bases. Having a Twitter account without a website or a Facebook profile associated to it is a mistake that will kill you. If you are a musical artist you must go beyond websites and engage in Youtube and Vimeo. Delivering your essence is key to establishing a fan base.  If you are a visual artist consider means such as Pinterest to share your art. Aside from presence across the web you must have continuity and engagement. You need to be around ALL the time. Peaks and valleys of engagement can impact your fan-base growth more than you can ever imagine.

Have you ever started packing for a trip and you are planning a night out or a festive party, during your trip, and you are not sure what to pack so that you have all you need without packing your entire fashion center? Lisa Gibson to the rescue! She will share tips and ideas and answer your questions about what to have in the travel makeup bag, even if it is traveling to the local mall for an afternoon with the girls.

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