Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool

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It is a vicious circle, and I seem to fall into it often. That circle of Tweeting, Tweeting, Tweeting, and then “uh oh” did I remember to share Twitter gratitude and thank so and so for that RT? Did I tweet for so and so’s article, like I promised? Ok, so I may or may not be the norm, and this may or may not apply to you, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgotten that “Thank You” or RT, now am I?

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Happy Group of Friends

I had tried several tricks and tools and combinations of tools and spreadsheets to try to find the most efficient tool or process to handle all of the gratitudes and RTs in addition to my normal tweeting. Some of them worked for awhile and then I’d miss a day here and a day there and it was as if the whole world of Twitterdom was going to fall from the sky.


A friend recommended that I check it out and told me I’d love it. Ok, I’d try it. What is the worse case? I add it to the combination of tools I was already using? So, I tried it…

Twitter Relationships Made Easy

As if walking into a Twitter fairy land, the moment that I logged in, I saw the answer to what I was looking for in a tool! It said, “Unreplied Status.” Yes! Finally, a simple-to-use tool that showed me who I had not responded to! No more tracking tweets in a text file and trying to cross-reference who I had tweeted and who I hadn’t. No more using other online tools only to find that much of what showed up was spam tweets. Instead, with I can easily scroll to those people I want to respond/reply/retweet and do it right then and there, keeping my time organized and using my time wisely and efficiently.

There is nothing about that interrupts what I do already, but rather enhances and become not just another “Twitter Tool,” but essentially, a “Relationship Management Tool” in connecting with other people in my niche, other bloggers, people whom I already interact with on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and blog communities. is like having a “checklist” without reducing friends and associates to merely a “checklist item” and allows you to use Twitter the way it should be used, as a relationship tool, whether those are personal relationships, business relationships, or a combination of both. didn’t stop there. They also built-in the metrics needed to be able to identify who is most influential in your Twitter community, and suggests who you may want to follow (also suggests you may want to unfollow). buildrelationships Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool Build Relationships

Through the stats and insights, breaks down your tweeps into subgroups of “High-Value Members,” including “Most engaged members,” “Supporters,” and “Influencers.”

You also have access to your Twitter lists, termed as “My Groups” in’s tool.

According to, the following groups are defined, as follows:

  • Most engaged members:  ”These members engage with you more often than others.  Engagement is measured across all activities…”
  • Supporters:  ”Supporters help you ‘spread the word’ by retweeting…”
  • Influencers:  ”The top influencers of your community, as judged by followers/following ratio and your engagement history.”

With each click on one of theses groups, you are presented with the opportunity to thank some of these people, with a box, pre-configured for you, that reads something like this:

“Thanks @GrowMap, @AskKim, @seosmarty – for being top influencers in my community this week icon smile Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool (insight by” complete with a button to send the tweet on its way.

Does it get any easier than that? influencerThankYou Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool

Twitter Reporting and Stats Made Easy doesn’t relegate the stats to the “Build Relationships” part of the panel and leave it there. takes it a step further, actually several steps further and allows you to analyze the stats for your Twitter profile to see for yourself the specifics of the metrics, and to identify items that you would like to monitor, and then review a report specific to that monitored item.  For example, it is a good idea to monitor your blog so that you can see how many people are tweeting your blog posts.  Ever get tired of looking up the stats, or clicking on the number on your tweet button to see who has tweeted you and only seeing a few of them show up?  This way, you can see it all laid out for you in an interactive report, one that allows you to sort by different columns.

>> I even noticed an associate that I wasn’t following!  The report was helpful in identifying obvious oversights.  It is like having a personal assistant that has a computer for a brain and doesn’t talk back! <<

Don’t forget to take note of your total impressions and total reach on your reports and you will be able to track different campaigns and gauge your social media efforts to see what is working and what is not working.

communitLogo Turns Twitter Into A True Relationship Tool

Twitter Management Made Easy

Am I suggesting that you never visit Twitter again, as you have this new all-in-one miracle tool to use?  No, but I am suggesting that there are probably a few tools or methods or processes that you perform that you can discard, as this tool will probably render those obsolete.  You can tweet, thank, organize, follow, unfollow, strategize, review, report, analyze, lead generate, reward, and, have fun, all with a simple easy-to-use tool called

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