November 2011 Contest


What do I get?!

“Social Media Credibility Platform” including:

  • Free advertising until you reach an additional 100 Twitter followers
  • 3 handcrafted tweets per weekday over a 30 DAY period (> 60 tweets!)
  • Twitter Profile Page design
  • Facebook Fan Page design (winner may request alternate page)
  • support via email
  • Weekly reporting (analytics)



Ok, what gives… What do I have to do?

  • Enter the contest (Note: the site you enter must be “family friendly.” No illegal, violent, adult-content, etc.)
  • Choose whatever challenges you want, to gain “points”
  • If you win, agree to provide user info and/or access to Twitter and Facebook so we can design your page and tweet for you (only if you win, of course!)
  • Allow your information (avatar, web site link, etc.) for publicity/testimonial for Social Web Cafe.

Ok, let’s get going, shall we?

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