Ok, so you have been thinking about blog sponsorship. You have even read an article or two on SocialWebCafe. But, you are not sure that you really have it. Are you already doing it? What is it that you should be doing? Fortunately, the questions are probably more complicated than conquering this topic, one step at a time.What Does It Mean to Conquer Blog Sponsorship? What we are talking about is for you to understand, in a little more detail, what blog sponsorship is. Also, our goal for this article is to digest enough of the topic of blog sponsorship to understand it. Granted, we already covered it, but that goal in the first article was to get that overview.

If you are a blogger, you already know that there are different opportunities for the monetization of your blog. One of those is blog sponsorship. Even if you are not taking advantage of any monetization efforts, you are likely aware that they exist.If you were to research the topic of blog monetization, you are likely to find blog sponsorship on that list. Granted, it is probably not the first on the list. I mean, it isn’t like everyone who starts a blog has some sort of goal of monetization, let alone the specific one of blog sponsorship.

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Justin Germino (a.k.a. Dragon Blogger). In fact, it was the first video interview he had granted. Justin is very inspiring, as you will see from the video interview, below. Join us on 1/16/13 at 3:00 pm EST and ask him questions about blogging. He has tried many blogging experiments and is joining us to share some of his findings, wisdom, and expertise with the blogging community.

Did you miss the first #BlogEngage Twitter Chat? Have no fear, the archive slideshow is shown, below. Granted, #BlogEngage had a very chatty group, and there are over 400 slides to view, but you can experience the whole chat and use the arrows to go forward and back at your leisure. To read a summary article, visit #BlogEngage Twitter Chat Kick-Off Summary.

And, to keep up-to-date on the #BlogEngage Twitter Chat schedule, including upcoming topics, guest, and Q&A, please visit #BlogEngage Weekly Twitter Chat. All updates will be posted on that page, so that you know what to expect.

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