With today’s proliferation of social media platforms, it’s easy for ambitious online business owners to get in over their heads fast.  Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid social media burnout:
Know what you’re signing up for. 
Social media management requires a bigger time investment than most other forms of online marketing.  Don’t make the critical mistake of lumping social media marketing in with passive forms of marketing, thinking you can just throw up some photos, walk away, and expect it to work for you.  Good social media strategy comes down to an ongoing relationship with a living, breathing customer base.  If you aren’t prepared to muster up the resources necessary to engage your customers on a regular basis, then your social media campaign will ultimately do you more harm than good.  Social media can yield incredible results, but you get out of it what you put into it. 

Social media platforms have become a staple part of everyday life in a very short space of time. This phenomenal rise has not gone unnoticed by the marketing departments of thousands of small and medium businesses out there. There is a tremendous potential available in using social media as a promotional vehicle for your company, and it seems that more businesses are joining this bandwagon on a daily basis. But there are some guidelines that are best adhered to if you want to make the most of this one billion plus database of possible customers. If you are thinking of jumping onto the social media marketing rollercoaster, please take a few minutes to read this article first.
Get Organised! 

Before you get excited about your potential new client base, think hard about the approach you intend to take and work out your goals and long term objective. How many new followers are you aiming to attract each week? How much time do you have every day for social media interactions? Social media strategy is a science in itself and you would do well to read as much information as you can before kicking the project off.