Video Marketing Resources (Ultimate List)

Video Editing Software and Tools

  • Final Cut Pro by – This is my favorite video editing tool. It seems fitting that it is at the top of the list, literally. Granted, just because it is my favorite, does not mean it is the right program for everyone. For one thing, I am a Mac user and that may not apply to everyone. Also, FCP (no offense) tends to like to do updates like moving component files on the computer to places where it sees fit. For an OCD programmer like myself, that is not cool. But, short of that move, everything about FCP is perfect for what I do with it, including audio editing, fades, podcast conversions, and all sorts of things that it probably was not intended to do. For most people, I would recommend Camtasia, but for me, it is FCP all the way.
  • Camtasia – Camtasia is a midlevel video editing software that is available for Windows or Mac. The reason that I call it a midlevel is because there are programs and applications that are much higher on the scale of professional level (and price!). However, Camtasia is more than adequate in the level of features and difficulty and meets most every need that the web video producer would have.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC – I have heard wonderful things about Adobe Premiere Pro CC for video editing. Like I said, I personally prefer Apple FCP, but I have equally heard that people love Premiere and swear by it as much as I do for FCP. If you are looking for less expensive and easier to use, you probably want Camtasia, but if you are looking for a premier program (no pun intended), Adobe Premiere Pro should at least make the list for research.
  • EasyWebVideo – This software covers everything that you may have dreamed that your video editing software included, but didn’t. Just like the name says, it is all about web video and it makes it easy. Easy enough that there is a click of the button for most things. Truly, trying to describe everything that this software does would taken an entire page, so I would recommend that you get the free trial. And, I am recommending it even though I do NOT get a kickback on it. Think of this as the tool that bridges the gap for everything else. So, you could import a video from your smartphone, add components to it, and export it out to your YouTube account, complete with the post production that would normally take hours with the other more complicated programs. Again, don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.
  • YouTube Creation Studio – The YouTube Creators’ Studio is very convenient for video editing. This gives you a free (assuming that Google has upgraded you to that level and you have followed all of their rules) tool that allows the basics, like overdubbing, cropping, splicing, and more. The convenience and price outweighs other tools. The only bummer is not being able to edit-in-place like Vimeo offers. For example, if you upload a video and decide to tweak one thing, it is another video, versus re-uploading like you can in Vimeo and SlideShare presentations. But, that is a small price to pay for the features that you get for free, from none other than YouTube themselves.
  • Techsmith Relay – This software boasts of being an easier video editing software than most. Presumably, this allows you to get in and get the job done, without getting lost in the learning curve. Personally, I haven’t use it, but I have used many of Techsmith’s other products and not a complaint in the bunch. I still swear by Apple FCP, but also highly recommend the software by Techsmith.

Quick Videos

  • Webinar Fusion Pro (affiliate link) – I LOVE this program! And, it is not just because I am also an affiliate, but the other way around, in this case. This program is like the corporate webinar program, except that it includes all of the bells and whistles that you wish the more expensive programs included. My hope is that this program is around forever and I would even be willing to put my money where my mouth is on that one, if this company ever went up for sale!.
  • VideoMakerFX (affiliate link) – This software is the master of quick videos. If you are about to launch something or even need a lead magnet in a short amount of time, this software will help you to do it. If you find that you have forgotten to plan out the video production for that marketing campaign, this video software will help you do it. Even if you do have plenty of time, this software is a must-have. It includes music, characters, explainer video features, templates, and the ability to make your own templates. The main selling points are the 1) ease of use; 2) fast turn around time; and 3) professional looking videos!.
  • SnagIt – Capture images to insert into the quick videos or tutorial video screen captures. Add elements like pointers, highlighters and more, to enhance the overall production. This tool can be used as a standalone for quick screen capture videos or to produce components and elements that may be used in other video productions.
  • Morae – Usability screen capture for a unique case study video experience (as well as the case study usability data that it provides and produces!).
  • ScreenCast – Utilize SnagIt and Camtasia to their fullest, with the ScreenCast tool.

Video Animation

Explainer Video Creation

Video Components

Efficiency and Organizational Tools

  • Contour – Contour for Mac (Contour for Windows coming soon) is an organizational tool to help shape the characters for the story line of the next video. Even if the video is a short (i.e. four minutes) scripted marketing video, it is helpful to scope out the plan for the ad lib script and this is just the tool to do that.
  • Jing – sharing media components and elements with the virtual team.
  • MacJournal (Mac) – Allows an organized, journal-like capability of jotting down notes for the video production. It takes the NotePad or BBEdit software an additional step by organizing all of the notes, like sticky notes, into an easy to navigate system. By being a collection of notes, it removes the requirement to figure out what you want to name your Word document and where you want to store it. All of your notes are in one organized “pile.”.
  • Montage (Mac) – Screenwriting software.

Video Marketing

Video Sharing Sites


Audio Tools >> Sound Engineering

  • MOTU Digital Performer – The company that produces Digital Performer, formerly known as Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU, for short) and now simply referred to as MOTU, has been around for a while. Like, 20 years… .
  • Pro Tools
  • Apple Logic (Mac)

Audio Tools >> Text-To-Speech (TTS; Voiceover)

  • Narrator (Mac) – Narrator is a text-to-speech software for the Mac computer. Instead of paying high dollars for a person to read the script for your next explainer video, consider using a text-to-speech software. With Narrator, there is the ability to choose from different characters, as well as editing those characters to create your own, with pitch changes, speed changes, etc. This software pays for itself in the money that it saves.
  • Balabolka (Windows) – Balabolka is a text-to-speech (TTS) software for the Windows platform. I haven’t used it, personally, but there are some positive reviews for the software, available online. For the most part, text-to-speech software is dependent on the OS. This is why Mac software rates well. However, that doesn’t really help you if you do not have a Mac, eh? My recommendation is that whether it is Balabolka or another software, attempt to get a trial version so that you can be sure that it is software that you like and that it is worth the amount that you have to pay. Remember, this is all about the voiceover process for your quick video production. :).
  • Ivona
  • Natural Reader
  • Zabaware
  • iSpeech
  • Acapela Group Virtual Speaker
  • TextSpeech Pro
  • AudioBookMaker
  • TextAloud 3
  • Read the Words
  • Voice Reader 15

Audio Tools >> Sound-to-Text (Transcription)

Audio Tools >> Podcasts

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