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With today’s proliferation of social media platforms, it’s easy for ambitious online business owners to get in over their heads fast.  Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid social media burnout:
Know what you’re signing up for. 
Social media management requires a bigger time investment than most other forms of online marketing.  Don’t make the critical mistake of lumping social media marketing in with passive forms of marketing, thinking you can just throw up some photos, walk away, and expect it to work for you.  Good social media strategy comes down to an ongoing relationship with a living, breathing customer base.  If you aren’t prepared to muster up the resources necessary to engage your customers on a regular basis, then your social media campaign will ultimately do you more harm than good.  Social media can yield incredible results, but you get out of it what you put into it. 

Social media platforms have become a staple part of everyday life in a very short space of time. This phenomenal rise has not gone unnoticed by the marketing departments of thousands of small and medium businesses out there. There is a tremendous potential available in using social media as a promotional vehicle for your company, and it seems that more businesses are joining this bandwagon on a daily basis. But there are some guidelines that are best adhered to if you want to make the most of this one billion plus database of possible customers. If you are thinking of jumping onto the social media marketing rollercoaster, please take a few minutes to read this article first.
Get Organised! 

Before you get excited about your potential new client base, think hard about the approach you intend to take and work out your goals and long term objective. How many new followers are you aiming to attract each week? How much time do you have every day for social media interactions? Social media strategy is a science in itself and you would do well to read as much information as you can before kicking the project off.

If you run any kind of business with an online presence, you have probably heard of the word “SEO.” Chances are that you are implementing a good number of SEO practices to boost your search rankings as well. Indeed, without proper Search Engine Optimization, an online business would simply find itself lost and sidelined amidst competition. Just as the “must do’s” of SEO are essential to the success of a business, there are certain “do not’s” that one must keep in mind so as to not make an SEO faux pas. And here they are, in no particular order.
Mistake 1: Not Researching Keywords Thoroughly Enough

Keywords form the basis of SEO and the way the world uses the internet at large. No matter how much content you pump into your website or how often you update it, it will not yield much traffic unless it is fortified with relevant and “high-result” keywords.

With times changing, you have to change the way you are running your business. There are things you can do to increase the profile of your business. Today you need brand visibility, you need to be in control of your clientele, and they need to be locked in to your business.
The truth of the matter is that competition has really become aggressive and you need to ensure that you either beat them at their game or become better than they are. You have to become better than the competition and you therefore need to embrace the new techniques of marketing while paying homage to technology. They include:

Social media

The social media has transformed the world and making it a small village. Many people and a wider marketing use these social sites for reaching out to the world. This means that if you need to increase your presence in a market, you will need to embrace these sites. Many of them work in the same way, you create a page, and you get to have your clients follow you. On these pages, you get to know the views of your clients, you get to inform them about the new stock you have and other marketing and customer care functions.
Another way of making your presence felt in the social media is by registering your company or business on a page that is mainly an advertising page, here you send photos or a catalogue of what you have as stock and people get to make orders or become your clientele.

When running a booth at a trade show or event, most companies want to get the most out of the experience. Unfortunately, some business owners will spend a lot of time and money planning the event, only to gain few interested buyers. Fortunately, one can create buzz for their company when following these ten simple trade show event tips.
Free items: When handing out promo items, one can create excitement about their company. Ideally, one should give away sunglasses, shirts, coffee mugs or a simple electronic device such as a USB drive. When doing this, a company can create plenty of excitement for their product or idea. Not only that, this is an inexpensive and effective way to get free advertising. Without a doubt, one must hand out interesting and likeable promotional products.
Business cards: When going to a promotional show, some people forget, or run out of, business cards. When this happens, people will have a difficult time in remembering the company information. To keep a person interested, a company should place business cards out on their table and hand them out to every visitor.

People have to decide what they’re trying to do when they start a website these days. In the past it was nearly impossible for anyone to throw up a good looking site if they didn’t know anything about programing. These days anyone can start their own online business within a few hours. They just grab a simple Wordpress theme and they’re ready to rock and roll.
I hope you know a business doesn’t just look pretty, so the Wordpress theme you use doesn’t really matter. You need to make sure you’re making the most amount of money possible and you can only do that by tweaking the design to increase conversions. You can only tweak the design if you test what works, so we’re going to look at some amazing software you must start using once you’re getting traffic.