Patrick Byrne There are many different methods of stock market manipulation that exist, including personally devastating methods like Madoff's ponzi scheme and other schemes like "cherry picking." No matter what the level of fraud, it remains fraud and is damaging to those affected, as well as the greater community, which is impacted by the effects of stock marketing manipulation. Listen, as Mr. Patrick Byrne, CEO of, helps lead us through the confusion that masks this stock market manipulation from the naked eye.

Twitter Chats

Clearly, Twitter Chats excite me. If they didn't, I wouldn't be providing Twitter Chat training to corporations and promoting my own Twitter Chat, the #SocialCafe Twitter Chat on Tuesday nights (6p PST/PDT; 9p EST/EDT).


I was curious if I was the only one out there and if others also found Twitter Chats fun, exciting, and rewarding.  So, I decided to use Ann Smarty's new (one month old) MyBlogU system to do a group interview.  After all, it seems fitting that I use her system after I had suggested... correction, insisted... that Ann start her own Twitter Chat for branding purposes and after a couple months of suggesting, she did!  (And, how many years ago was that now?!) Out came the #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat, as well as how-to articles throughout the 'net, like this one on Social Media Examiner.

So, coming full circle, let's ask the experts why they enjoy Twitter Chats and maybe this will help you to decide whether it is a good fit for you to participate, how often to participate, and whether you should start your own.

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