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Do you want to be featured during one of the weeks on the Famous Bloggers Roundup (featuring one special blogger and one special tool)?

Also, quick sidebar, while I have you here. Are you interested in being super-featured, in a SocialWebCafe Interview? If so, please take a moment to pick a time to chat with our producer. This link will open in another tab/window, so you can still do that right now and come back to this page. Hey – it is double exposure/promotion/feature! And, if we do the interview first, we can post that as a part of the feature on FamousBloggers. Of course, I have to add the disclaimer that that all depends on if you are chosen. (That is always a pain to have to say, but you know, with all the legal liability stuff….)

I Want to Be Featured on a SocialWebCafe Video Interview (No Charge or Fee)

Here is an example of one, featuring Ileane Smith: What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #2 with Ileane Smith.

We cannot guarantee that everyone who applies is featured. But, considering the series (not the blog) is relatively new, there is a really good chance, right now, that you will be one of the chosen few!

BTW – If you want a video, like the one shown with Ms. Ileane, you can start by signing up for an initial “setup call” which is the tech call before the interview, chatting with Producer Michael. During that call, you can ask questions about the interview, but that is the first step. Here is that link:

Now for the interview form…

Thank you for your interest in being featured on Famous Bloggers. While I'm sure that you are a wonderful person, it may be that we do not have a chance to look at your submission. Why? Because of these two reasons:
  1. SPAM submissions;
  2. Submissions that do NOT follow the form instructions.
So, to help counteract the waste of our time and to express how important it is to follow the form instructions in order to be featured on FamousBloggers, we have implemented a quid pro quo. Most spammers will not do it and for those who do not like following directions, well they will probably walk away, too. So, that solves most of our problems and we have time to read what you submit!

Instruction 1

Please share this site via social media (Twitter or Facebook). The info has already been pre-filled, so all you have to do is click the button. Without that step, your submission will not reach us, so please take that moment to share a tweet or Facebook post. 🙂

Be sure to grab the link of the resulting shared Tweet or Facebook Share as you will need it for verification on the next page, to finalize the sending of your message. Thanks. [mashshare shares="false" buttons="true" align="left" text="Get featured as a Famous Blogger (free)" url=""]

Instruction 2:

Please fill out the form completely and according to the form instructions.

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