The objective of this article is to share the benefits of the fish aquarium in your entrepreneur office. This even works for freelancers, too.

Before we begin, just a sidebar about the image you see (below) and that is that it is a “Kissing Fish.” The picture, taken by professional photographer, Michael Anderson, captures what is an oil spill on the top of the water and the fish trying to get oxygen. Fortunately, for our fish friend, he was able to get the oxygen in a creative manner and swim away healthy.

If you are a blogger, you already know that there are different opportunities for the monetization of your blog. One of those is blog sponsorship. Even if you are not taking advantage of any monetization efforts, you are likely aware that they exist.If you were to research the topic of blog monetization, you are likely to find blog sponsorship on that list. Granted, it is probably not the first on the list. I mean, it isn’t like everyone who starts a blog has some sort of goal of monetization, let alone the specific one of blog sponsorship.

According to a recent study, social media is set to explode in 2013 and demand for social media jobs is set to skyrocket. Which social network will rule the roost in the coming year and beyond? We don’t know the answer to this question, but we do know which resources keep us in the loop and keep us abreast of the many changes in this exciting and multi-faceted field.

Below we highlight and link to four Facebook resources that we highly recommend you follow as well, if social media is a topic near and dear to your heart.

1. Hub Spot

Although Hub Spot is a service company they have a great internet marketing blog with an equally good social media section. They are also on Facebook with a fan page that boasts an impressive 179,000 likes and close to 3,500 fans. This is a good Facebook follow if you seek good kernels and morsels of information on social media and internet marketing in general. Looking at their Facebook page (today) you will find the following: “How do Spotify, Instagram, and Zynga use effective calls-to-action to grab attention?” and “How to Engage Facebook Fans With Images”. Hub Spot is a great resource to keep up with the various social networks on the web and they also have a series of free ebooks available on social media.