Enjoy some snippets from the #SocialCafe chat today (#TBW) discussing blogging and blogger challenges.

Donna put it so well when she said that blogging is a “creative outlet.” Just like playing music is a creative outlet for the musician and picking up the paintbrush is a creative outlet for the painter, so it is with blogging for the writer.

It is also an opportunity to share what we feel and share what we think, through this creative outlet.

A popular tweet by Janel, talking about finding that “slant” for the article, and publishing it before someone else does! So true, Janel!

As Da Vinci pointed out, it is pretty clear that one of the issues that bloggers face is time and time management. That is also something that will be covered in The Blog Workshop, as well as many of the other topics mentioned in today’s twitter chat. (Check out the slideshow, above, to see the full chat).

Da Vinci, of, will be joining us and, in honor of the upcoming Blog Workshop, will be sponsoring a giveaway with an opportunity for you to enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card or a FREE pass to The Blog Workshop. Don’t forget to sign up today for a chance to win! You won’t want to miss this workshop and a chance at a free pass to attend! (Enter above.)

During this Twitter Chat we have some blogging questions to get you to think, to share your experiences, and to learn from other bloggers. It is an opportunity to have fun and discuss our thoughts on the blogging profession and share our experiences, our frustrations, our goals, and our hopes.

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