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9 years ago

I have a twitter account for 2 years but I left it because I felt boring. I mean I don’t have followers and I am following famous people who don’t know me. I wonder how I will get their attention.

Deborah E. Anderson
9 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

Hi Jenna,

Twitter is really what you make out of it. Rather than focusing on the famous people noticing you, I would focus on meeting one or two people at a time and chatting with them via Twitter, developing relationships. Then, as you meet more people, you have more opportunities to meet people and it grows.


Twitter Q&A

Twitter Q&A

Recently, I received a question via a comment on one of my service pages and thought it was a brilliant idea to have a page devoted to Q&A. So, if you have a question about Twitter (or social media), feel free to post here!

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