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Write for Us!

This form is being used for Guest posts for and/or Go ahead and submit your information and we will be in touch to finalize which blogs (including both). We are streamlining this process and thank you for your patience while we finish that.

Thank you for your interest in writing for SocialWebCafe! Thank you for writing for our audience of the combination of some newbies and also some advanced users and those in-between. We welcome all and that includes you!

While I'm sure that your article is wonderful, we get quite a bit of two elements via this form that take up our time. What does that mean? That means that we won't have the time to look at YOUR awesome article!

Those two things are:
  1. SPAM;
  2. Article submissions that do NOT follow the below instructions

So, to help counteract the expenditure of our time and to express how important it is to follow instructions in order to be a guest author on our site, we have implemented a quid pro quo. Most spammers will not do it and for those who do not like following directions, well they will probably walk away, too. So, that solves most of our problems and we have time to read what you submit. Besides, if you go through these steps, it seems to demonstrate that you are serious, right? And, why shouldn't we give you a fair shake?

Instruction 1

Please share this site via social media (Twitter or Facebook). The info has already been pre-filled, so all you have to do is click the button. Without that step, your message will be ignored. 🙂

Be sure to grab the link of the resulting shared Tweet or Facebook Share as you will need it for verification on the next page, to finalize the sending of your message. The sharing buttons are at the top of this page. Thanks.

Instruction 2: The requirements for the blog post

If you have a talent for writing and in-depth knowledge of subjects like social media marketing, blogging, people, and more, we would love to consider your content submission.

Guest Blog Post Submissions need to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • the post needs to be original and never published elsewhere;
  • minimum of 650 words;
  • following the GUM requirements (grammar, usage, mechanics);
  • consistent with the topics on the site, but not too repetitious (i.e. not the topic and details of the blog post last week...);
  • presents a unique perspective or in-depth coverage;
  • supported by credible source/authority (we love opinion, but there needs to be some basis and not just opinion);
  • relevant links are acceptable but not guaranteed.

Editors may modify the content to ensure that it meets the guidelines. Also, please include the author byline and social media links, etc. Images will be provided by SocialWebCafe. Links to images on other sites will likely be removed.

Please use the submission form below to submit your guest blog post for consideration. If we accept your submission, you can expect to hear from us, but no guarantee as to when. If you have our Skype contact information, we suggest that you use that for a faster response. Due to the volume of submissions, we can only respond to those submissions that have been accepted AND follow the rules!

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