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SocialWebCafe welcomes posts from Guest Authors. If you would like to pitch your idea or your article, you may submit the article or idea here.There are a few rules, however:
  1. The content must be original to you and never been published.
  2. SocialWebCafe reserves the right to change the title, to suit the web site and most beneficial social presentation, as well as light editing, as needed. This also includes adding a disclaimer if the post links to the company you represent, within the body of the article.
  3. Please provide an avatar if you are not already signed up with Gravatar.
  4. Please include a substantial (but not tooooo substantial!) bio, along with at least two social links (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)
  5. You are allowed two anchor links within the article. Please put your web site and product/service links in your bio, as opposed to the article.
  6. Please do not submit articles for your affiliate programs, or paid-to-post programs.
  7. Images must be licensed. It is helpful if you provide an image and the source/license information.

If you are interested in writing for Social Web Cafe, please Contact Us.

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