Hiring SocialWebCafe as Your Blog Manager

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Here is what is included in your Blog Manager Services:

  • one article per week on your blog or web site.
  • comment moderation for your blog or web site.
  • social promotion for the weekly article*.

*The social promotion requires access (or granting of permission) to the desired social networks for the blog. Each weekly article will be promoted on all of the provided social networks. For additional social sharing (by other people), there is a “Guaranteed Social Shares” option, below. What that means is that there would be 100 (or 200) additional shares on blog content, for that month. The social proof will be provided so that you can see where these shares are occurring. There is no guarantee on who will share, but there is a guarantee that these shares have occurred (provided via a Google Sheets document).

The form, below, is the $100 per 4 weeks option ($400). There are the other add-ons available if you want the guaranteed social shares option.

Add-On Guaranteed Social Shares (Basic Social Sharing is already included)
Weekly Article Day of Week
Blog / Web Site

Do you need additional services or a project? You can order that, below.

Project or Service Pricing

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