Do You Need an Influential Writer? (Influencer)

Influential writers provide two very needed services:

  1. quality writing;
  2. influence (access to audiences that a small business may not have access to without them).

The challenge is that influential writers are sometimes difficult for small businesses to access, especially if they have never been introduced to these writers/people.  Fortunately for the small business, there are many cases where these writers hang out in the same groups and actually know each other.  That means that when you find one, you are often virtually connected with others.  It also means that if you are looking for something specific, one writer may be able to recommend another writer.

What does that mean?

It means that:

  1. You get what you are looking for and need for your writing and/or content marketing;
  2. The job is made easier for you.

Now, let’s take about how to go about it.  Shall we?

What are Some of the Services that an Influential Writer Can Provide?

There are many writing-related services that many of these writers can provide for you.  Often times, they are gifted in different types of writing and formats, as well as topics.  Here is a list of some of the areas, to help you grasp the expanse of coverage that may be available to you:

  • write for your blog;
  • manage your blog (become your blog editor);
  • ghostwriter for your business;
  • content marketing across the internet

There are many other options that may be available.  To request a free call to discuss/strategize your needs and help determine what you should obtain for your business, set up a free set-up call with Deborah at


Talent Request Forms

Do you have some custom media needs or virtual assistant needs?  We partner with some other providers to help make these services available, as well.  Please feel free to use the forms below and check back again as we may be changing these up and offering even more services.

Typical Minimum Prices (for our writers)

This is the information we provide when asked for our basic writing costs.

  • 500-600 words $150
  • 600-750 words $200
  • 750-1000 words $225
  • 1000-1200 words $250
  • 1200-1500 words $300
  • 1500-2000 words $350
  • 2000-2250 words $400
  • 2250-2500 words $450
  • 2500-2750 words $500
  • 2750-3000 words $550
  • Influential writers ($450-$750+ for 700-1000 words; please request a quote)
  • White papers (please request a quote)
  • Case Studies (please request a quote)
  • Rush charge: 15% additional for rush orders.
  • If you want a regular writer for a blog or wish to order in bulk we offer a 10% discount.

*While many professional writers charge by the word, we prefer flat rates. Clients choose the length they want as the minimum word count. The writer may provide longer content, but there is no additional charge.


How to Contact SocialWebCafe for More Information or Clarification

The best method is through the link, but you can also contact us on our Contact Us page.