There is so much information out there about Twitter that it’s hard to determine what is real and what is fake. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of articles out there that discuss features and information about Twitter that is entirely untrue, and then there are those people who simply are ignorant about Twitter and create myths about the popular social network.

If you want to use Twitter, it’s very important that you have an honest understanding of it. The following are five common misconceptions about Twitter.

1. I don’t have anything to say.

This is simply not true. ..

A quick tutorial on connecting your Facebook Page to your Twitter account so that Facebook Page updates will automatically tweet.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on connecting your Facebook Page to your Twitter account for automatic tweets

Go to your Facebook Page (i.e.
Click on “Admin Panel” (at right).
Click on Manage > Edit Page (at top).
Click on Resources and then “Link Your Page to Twitter.”
Click on “Link To Twitter” button.
Enter Twitter login information and then “Authorize.”
Test by posting on your Page and then checking your “Sent Tweets.”

You are all set-up with your connection between Facebook Page and Twitter…