Do You Need a Little Tech Help?

Technology Help Right Where (and When) You Need It!

Some of you are here because you are looking for help with the recent requirement that Google is about to put on us, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Specifically, it is related to ensuring that your domain is “https://” instead of “http://.” In technology-speak, that is SSL.

What I am offering is coaching to help you facilitate it. There are many people who will offer to do it but do not know how to do it. (Whereas I have 20 years of experience in managing servers, system administration, and programming!) Also, each person’s situation differs. So, don’t believe everything you hear (i.e. that it can all be solved with a WordPress plugin). Sure, you may hear solutions, but how sure are you that that solution will meet Google’s requirements? Are you willing to pay hundreds of dollars only to find out that you did not measure up to what Google wanted? Instead, book a session with me, for 30 min for $50 and you can still go pay the hundreds of dollars if you want, but I will be able to speak from extensive experience, to your particular situation specifically, guiding you toward your next steps (which may be free!).

Not all of us are technology experts. Am I right?

Well, in my case (Deborah), I actually AM a technology expert and far exceed my peers.

I really do not like saying that because I am not into bragging. However, if I don’t let you know that, how will you know that I am here to help you?

Yes, it is true that I need to charge a bit of money for the compensation of my time and services, but truly, I love to help people. I have found so many people, especially bloggers and creative (truly creative!) types who do not have the “gift of technological ability.”

I happen to have that. In fact, I have “saved” Microsoft Exchange Servers (the Microsoft “big daddy” email server) when Microsoft (yes, Microsoft Corporate) has said that it is impossible to save!

There has never been a technology issue that I have been unable to solve. Add to that my decades of experience, my degree (working on the completion of a doctorate right now), and my own server with over 40 sites, most of which are the same thing you are likely using (i.e. like WordPress), and well, you could say I am highly qualified!

Ok, enough about me.

What is it that you need done? For now, go ahead and let me know by using the “Schedule” button at the top of this page, to schedule a time to talk about it, or the Contact link.

As you may have guessed, I am in the process of putting together this page in full. It will include some of the common technology issues that fellow bloggers struggle with, among other tasks (including the upcoming Google requirement for https… yes!).

In the meantime, until I make this page super duper easy for you to order the technology services, and more important, get them done with HIGH QUALITY by a person that knows what she is doing, go ahead and use the contact method and I will get right back in touch with you. Talk to you then! And, here to serve your technology needs!