Video Services

Video Optimization Consultation – $150

Answers the question –> “I Have My Video … What Do I Do Now?”

Based on Existing Video:

  • Content/Production Tips: Tips on areas for improvement (generally, it needs to be improved at the time of filming, but if there are any ways to “fix it in the mix” or enhance the strengths of the video while pulling the viewers’ attention away from the lesser quality elements, that will be shared.) Note: If you want IMN to do the editing for you, please request a custom bid.
  • Video SEO: Tips on how to rank the video on YouTube and Google (two different search platforms).
  • Consultation with experienced Video SME – $150/hr (no limit to videos, as long as it is within the time allotment.)

Audio Visual Planning and Set-Up Consulting – $150

Answers the question –> “How Do I Film My Own Video?”

  • Consultation Phone Call via Skype.
  • Discuss Anything from how to set up for filming (sound, lighting, set/background) to process of filming (basics) and production tips.

    For example, sound includes mic recommendations (which mic works best for which use, and what combination is needed for project) and mic placement. In the same way, the lighting recommendations include what to use and how to use it for maximum quality results. The production tips include things like how to handle an interview, etc. There would be limits to the production tips, if it is outside the scope of a normal “business” video. A limit would be how to film specific animals, where an animal trainer would be a good resource to add to the resource team.

Video Production Services – (See Pricing Below)

Answers the question –> “How Do I Get A Video Made For Me?”


  • Content consulting (with client): determining the video concept
  • Research and scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Professional sound
  • Animation / whiteboard / presentation type
  • Background music
  • Professional video editing
  • Promotion Prep (YouTube Video SEO; Instagram 15 sec clip)

$800 (up to 1 min) / $1200 (up to 2 min) / $1600 (up to 3 min)

The package above does not include any on-location or any people/animals in filming. It is software-based only. However, for larger projects (on location, etc.), a bid may be requested.