15 Things We Don’t Want To Know

Ok, so you are thinking of x number of ways with … cat … microwave. Oh, I can’t even type it! Or, your mother-in-law has really annoyed you and you are thinking of ways to get even with her. Nothing nasty, mind you, not really. Need to be careful with those inner monologues, you may give someone an idea and you don’t really want to propagate those ideas, possibly hurting someone, do you?

If you have been on Twitter, you have probably seen these. They are the mentions of people who come out that say so-and-so-1 and so-and-so-2 have unfollowed me today. Please, are we in the mood to insult people on Twitter? What is the purpose? It seems to me, the only purpose is to let the whole world know that so-and-so-1, etc. unfollows. I have looked into some of the people who send these automated messages and some are following, like 100 people, with 1000 people following back. You know that they are following so-and-so-1, hoping for a reciprocal follow and then unfollowing.

Ok, we don’t want to sound insensitive, here, but really. You want us to do something for you. Ok, no problem. What is it? But, please do not ask us to do something, via a mention (i.e. @socialwebcafe), like 5 times in a row, day after day. If we had considered doing it, we will feel so bombarded that we may just change our mind!

I can understand the use of expletives, and I am certainly not here to judge. If that is what works for you, to express your inner passion, go for it. It is our choice whether or not we pay attention. However, when the last 20 statuses are entirely made up of expletives, with not even an explanation of what you are sharing with us, as far as experiences, well… it leaves us out, not to mention, confused.

I love using my HootSuite app and have found, at times, the whole stream full of one Tweep’s Tweets. Now, mind you, I do follow more than one person! (See for yourself on my Twitter page. What we are talking about here is someone’s incessant, and I mean so incessant, yacking on Twitter that I cannot see anyone else’s tweet!