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Affiliate Marketing: How to Make a Six Figure Income While Watching Netflix

Don’t Let Doubt Stop You From Making Income

I recently had someone say, “But ______ is not your thing, is it Deb?” I have to admit, it got to me. I started saying, “Hey, this gal knows me. She must be right that this is not necessarily my area of expertise.”

But, think about it.

It may not be your area of supreme expertise and knowledge and skill set beyond your peers, but that does NOT mean that you do not know what you are talking about and are not able to do it. Ok, so it took looking at the incoming profits to see that I DID know what I was talking about here. Feedback from others also confirmed that! The key is to keep on believing in yourself and building your confidence (without becoming an egomaniac about it).

Even though my friend may have been right, in her perspective, I should not have let it stop me. You will definitely save time if you skip the Self-Doubt step and just go with that gut instinct. What is the worst case? You decide to go a different direction later? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That isn’t just a quote. It has been proven true time and time again. So, what are you doing on that couch or in that bed with the remote in your hand? Get going… get success… and then go handle that remote!

Are you ready to embrace the “how to do affiliate marketing” the right way?

Start out Small, and Grow it Big from There

Here is how I moved forward and how the light bulb went off for me >> [commissionologyCommissionMachine2017] At the time, the cost was only $19.95, so not quite $20 (still is that low price, I believe). Yes, the sales page is long and maybe it looks a little like gimmick after gimmick. (What sales page doesn’t? And, if it didn’t would you buy? lol).

If you think about it, how much would you pay a coach to be able to make money? I guess that depends on how good they are, eh? And, more importantly, how effective they are. If a coach promises that you will make $2000 in the next five days (without doing anything illegal or unethical), and most importantly, ABLE TO DELIVER, would you fork over $100? I would! I mean, that is $1900 profit! (Can you tell I love math?)

So, $19.95 seemed to me to be a small price to pay to be able to learn, step-by-step, how to apply the affiliate marketing lessons (dare I say affiliate marketing for beginners) and make some money. Also, when I found out that it was refundable (always check for that!) there was no real loss. I mean, at the worst case, it was $19.95 that I was risking for an opportunity for another income stream, even if I retain my main income stream of doing something other than the affiliate marketing. Who doesn’t want the extra money, right?

The Beauty of Commissionology

Learning how to be an affiliate. I thought I knew it all. After all, I was one of the top five writers that were sought after by blogs and especially ezines prior to the blogging inception. That was one of the topics that most Publishers were seeking, affiliate marketing!

So, along comes the Commissionology line and I am all set to make those commissions. Am I trying to convince you to give it a try? Of course I am!

But, please try it for YOU, not for me. Do it because you want to make money. Here are the three things for guaranteed success. I am not guaranteeing it, as I am not in a position to know what you are doing, but I am giving you the basic steps for YOU:

  1. * Buy the product (whatever product it is, make sure it is reasonably priced so that you can afford the loss, if necessary.
  2. * Practice EXACTLY what is recommended. That assumes it is a quality product. In the case of commisionology, use the steps to apply the affiliate marketing.
  3. * If it is not working for you, request that refund.


Disclaimer: Remember, this is not Deborah Anderson offering you a guarantee. Instead, what I am saying is that 1) it isn’t going to work for you if you don’t acquire it and try it according to the instructions and 2) if it still doesn’t work for you, request the full promised refund (that you checked before you purchased it). When I say success, I am saying win-win if you follow instructions and you get that refund if you are dissatisfied in any way.

Is This Really for Me?

Is it really NOT for you? In this day and age, with the unemployed and underemployed, there is plenty of room for multiple income streams. Look.. I love to be sitting at my keyboard, or better yet, standing in front of the mic with Richard at the keyboard (He is, after all, one of the top five pianists in Los Angeles!). But, that doesn’t mean that Jazz singing is all that I do. Having the multiple income streams behind the scenes means that I can do what I love most… give to people! I always said that I wanted to fund my music in another way and give my music away. Granted, I still make money making music, but adding another income stream, like this affiliate marketing, means that I can do just that? And, when I do make money making music, I can keep it affordable, like below, with my music on iTunes (yes, that is self-promotion 🙂

You may also listen at Deborah E, Jazz Singer


Best Advice: Only one site.
If you are like me… multiple sites… Eureka Moment >> Niche marketing!

This Eureka moment hit me while reading Matthew Woodward’s wonderful article, linked above, and realizing just how ingenious it is. I met Matthew a few years ago in a community that I was running and he knows his stuff. It is great when we can benefit from what others have experienced, in this case, taking his blog to the top in a very short time.

Again, an example that you can do it too!

Managing Expectations

It is true. I have earned six-figures. Writing from experience is important to me. Even though we dropped to a dip following the exposure of the West Coast Madoff, life can still be rebuilt. But, this can only be done if it is understood.

We are finally “getting it” after 25 years in the industry (including being chosen as a spokesperson for Demand Media, Santa Monica, CA and being the Director of Project Management for a global well-regarded internet marketing agency, #1 Jazz Singer, All-State Choir…Advent’s Testimonial.. being memorable… all saved for another blog post). Back to you.. What is yet to be written about the successes in your life?

Understand that life is a gamble, potential loss, but it could also be a win. With that, comes managing expectations. At the same time, not taking that step forward means not allowing yourself the opportunity for success.

The Netflix Part

Recently, I watched an awesome video by Tiffany Lambert. I even got her permission to share it in this article. However, since then, the video seems to have been taken down and is not available. (Stay tuned as I will post some of my videos in future articles 🙂 ).

The gist of what Tiffany was saying is that one cannot sit back and say, “I’m going to watch Netflix” while they do nothing and expect the money (called passive income) to start rolling in for them. She talks about, and I quote, how she worked her butt off to earn the money that she has earned.

I actually agree with her!

So, why did I use Netflix in the title? Simple. There is nothing that says you can’t get to a point where you are making passive income (where the money comes in while you are doing something else, like watching Netflix movies). The key is that you understand (like managing expectations) that it takes work and diligence to get to that point.

Passive income is not a matter of snapping your fingers and you become a millionaire or a six-figure income earner. Instead, hunker down and realize that it will take some work before you get to that point.

That is why you need a guide.

In Summary

So, your tip for today is to focus on niche marketing, if you are looking at creating some content or your blog or website. See Matthew Woodward’s article, referenced in the above link.

But, the main takeaway is this… Believe in yourself and start getting it done! Start with something like the commissionology training and learn how to do affiliate marketing so that you are the one making the six-figure income (someday)!

You can either follow this idea >> [commissionologyCommissionMachine2017]

Or, sign up, below, for a series of emails explaining affiliate marketing (and giving you time to figure out what YOU want to do 🙂 ).


About the author: Deborah is the “secret” SEO ninja and internet marketer from the very beginning (and sought after by the legendary Corey Rudl, and other industry pioneering greats). For more information about Deborah (aka Deborah E), visit the “About” page.