Honestly, did you click on this because of the word, “Feedback,” or the giveaway? Really, you don’t need to answer that. :)

I want to point out that the objective for this giveaway is to make the Free MyBlogGuest Course on Udemy the best course for guest blogging, and, specifically, guest blogging using the free (and paid) tools available to you at

Before we start, let’s define where we started, as a course. I am the curator of the course and am referring to the Free MyBlogGuest on Udemy course, here, not MyBlogGuest, the company. The course is a collection point of all of the training material that Ann Smarty, Sana Knight, the team, and the MBG community lovingly put together for you. That said, that is the starting point and my plan, as curator, is to continue to present Ann’s helpful training and to make it better (i.e. presentation, additional videos, etc.). Obviously, there is no “getting better” when it comes to Ann. Her content is brilliant and we are simply trying to present it in a way that is helpful to a learning step-by-step (even if you are advanced enough to skip steps).

Ok, enough babble, eh? This is what I am looking for… feedback. You can leave the feedback simply, via comments on this post. You can also gain additional entries (for a chance to win the $25) in several different ways. I added “follow” options for added entries for you.

The idea is that you either Give 5 stars at MyBlogGuest on Udemy OR Leave feedback on what I need to do to make it worthy of 5 stars, in your eyes, by leaving a comment below.

I’m going to be honest, you can “game” this raffle by doing both, leaving 5 stars AND leaving a comment, even if it is “I love it.” So, I’m not going stop you and I’m fully aware that this is a way of gaming the raffle. Simply put, if you do all of the steps, you have a better chance at the $25 AND you are joining a wonderful community.

Only 5 star reviews will get the entries in the contest. Why? Because I am giving you an opportunity to blog comment, below, to suggest how I can make the course a 5-star course. Considering the contest is really about either-or (either leave 5 stars OR blog comment on “how” to make the free course 5 stars), you get entries either way. It is an equal opportunity, with a recognition that people could technically do both.

And, the “expectations” of the course are explained in the description of the Free MyBlogGuest Course on Udemy. It includes reference to the future plans for enhancement of the course.

So, go for the $25 and “feel” good while doing it.


Couldn’t resist joining in on this very cool giveaway.  There are a couple of reasons.  First, the giveaway is cool!  Am I right?  And, as a part of that, entering is easy.  The second reason is because it is a contest by Dragonblogger and I trust him, as well as how he runs these contest.  No problem co-hosting something that Justin Germino has put together because you know it is trustworthy and when you win, you win!

So, what is the prize?  It is a brand new Google Nexus 7 (16GB) tablet.  It was only recently announced, on July 24, 2013 and they started taking orders only a couple of days ago (7/30/13).  This tablet boasts a 7.02 inch screen with a 1920×1200 HD resolution.  Ok, no problem watching Social Web Cafe TV videos on that one, eh?

Enstine Muki is brilliant. He has not only created an excellent platform for Retweet Exchange, but he has created a platform for engagement and relationship building among bloggers, and that is priceless.

When I first started on Twitter (how many eons ago?), it was as if I sat staring at the screen saying to myself, “Now what do I do?” All this great content was flurrying by and I wanted to share, but didn’t know what to share. Enter, EasyRetweet!

With EasyRetweet, I choose what I want to retweet. You can decide whether you want to retweet everything, or be selective, picking out the content (retweets) that appeals to your Twitter audience. And, if you are short on time, you can purchase credits. That way, you can offer your tweets for retweeting, even if you have limited time to “earn” credits. Great subscription plans, feature plans, and more!

Kiesha Easley, the inspiring, and encouraging force behind has partnered with Enstine Muki (EasyRetweet), to give you an AWESOME opportunity to get some of those coveted credits and started getting your content tweeted. Check out the information, below:

The Blog Engage $650 Guest Blogging Contest #2

I love writing. I love blogging. Writing is not a new thing. In fact, I’ve been writing since I was just a wee one and used to use, yes, pen and paper! I would buy those beautiful journals that had nice book bindings and paintings on the front and pick a different topic per day and write and write and write. Ok, it wasn’t bad for a kid, but I’ve come a long way since the color crayon days!

No matter how much one may love writing, there comes a time when you sit and stare at the screen and wonder what to write about. For some of us, this may be less frequent, and for shorter periods of time, and it may vary, during periods and seasons of our lives. However, most writers can say they have experienced, at the least, momentary writer’s block, or as I have written it, “Blogger’s Block.”

One of my favorite activities (and yet, she says, she does not partake often enough!) are blogging contests.

We are well on our way in February and this is a short month, so don’t wait too long to enter this month’s contest for a* account! (You do have one extra day, though, this year :) )

I have one of those wonderful accounts at BlogEngage* that allows me to give away an account or two. This account, should you win it, gives you access to log in to the BlogEngage web site and meet people (i.e. engage), and PM, and most of all, manually submit your blog RSS feed for syndication! This is an excellent way to get the *word out* for your blog.

Not sure if you have an RSS feed? You can set one up.. Contact us, or comment below, and we’ll point you in the right direction to get that set up. Why would you want it? To get exposure, so more people read your blog :)

*Disclosure: affiliate link.

“Social Media Credibility Platform” including:

Free advertising until you reach an additional 100 Twitter followers
3 handcrafted tweets per weekday over a 30 DAY period (> 60 tweets!)
Twitter Profile Page design
Facebook Fan Page design (winner may request alternate page)
support via email
Weekly reporting (analytics)