If you want to get great search engine rankings you have to rank for the right keywords. It’s so important because when you don’t rank for them you are leaving money on the table. Why should your competitors get a constant stream of traffic from Google each month while you get nothing? Why should their bank account fill up with easy money while yours stays empty?
I hope you’re prepared to attack some juicy keywords, but first you need to know where to find them. You can’t always rely on software to give you all the answers. There is nothing wrong with using keyword research software, but we’re going to look at a few others techniques that will give you great results. Use these straight away and you will start getting the rankings you deserve.

Many people have a mini-meltdown the moment they realize their website has been penalized by Google. After putting so much of your time, effort and money into something, it’s very easy to feel as though the world is shattering beneath your feet. Penalties happen to the most careful, successful webmasters so try not to beat yourself up too much. This experience is one of many that is going to help your site reach even greater heights, although that fact may be difficult to see in this confusing time.

Being a successful businessman (or woman), is not a single skill. Rather, being a success in business is down to a number of different skills, each of which are crucial in helping you to steer your organization into the stratosphere. This applies to the SEO business of course as well, where it’s highly important to always have a contingency. It’s not good enough to just be good at writing articles and getting them published on other sites – you also need to be good at predicting what the next algorithm change is going to be and at imagining the worst case scenarios so that your business is future-proof and resilient. This is particularly important in SEO of course because of the rapid rate at which it changes. So if you want to make sure that your career in optimization is stable and that you aren’t at risk, read on to learn how to protect yourself.

I spend most of my time working online and earning a living through writing, designing and doing SEO. When I’m not doing these things though often I’ll be working out and lifting weights down the gym which I have always found to be a great way to boost self-esteem, improve health and also just burn off some steam after a tough day. Interestingly though, more and more lately I find myself noticing similarities between these two activities. While the actual process may be very different (there is little that you need to lift doing SEO), the attitudes and the secrets to success are actually very similar. Let’s look at some of the lessons you can take from SEO and apply to getting into shape.

Constant Dedication
Many people trying to get into shape will come to me and ask and me to write training programs, which as a rule I will do happily. What frustrates me though is that over 50% of the time these people won’t bother to follow any of the advice I have carefully set out for them. Instead they’ll do it half-heartedly once or twice and then decide they’re too busy or too tired or some similar nonsense.
The point is, that succeeding in bodybuilding isn’t really about the minutiae of your training program – it’s just about doing one and sticking at it. Pretty much any routine that involves exertion is going to be good for you but you’re only going to see any results if you do it day in and day out for several months at least.
The same goes for SEO. So many people I know have attempted to create a successful website only to post two articles and get bored. Perhaps they come back to it every now and again, but never do they start to post regularly enough to build up any kind of readership or impress Google at all.
A Means to An End

When it comes to SEO, one of the most straightforward and simple aspects to understand is building your link profile. It makes a lot of sense that the more links you have pointing to your site, the more easily Google will be able to find and index your pages, and likewise it’s only logical that building lots of links will help visitors to find your site too and make your pages look more popular and reliable.

Search engines continue to evolve and with each update, their improvements become more sophisticated as they work to give sites of value more weight in the search engine results than others. SEO experts frequently debate the future of SEO marketing. What is the future of SEO marketing?