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We experienced a Twitter lag this evening. Interestingly, tweets going out of TweetDeck were fine. However, the search mechanism in Twitter (which is what filters for the #SocialCafe and #TBW hashtags), was not quite so fine.

That’s ok, we can go with the flow. Please refer to the Twitter Calendar to find out what is coming up, and also the Hangout Calendar.

Also, for kicks, check out an article on Twitter Outage, for ideas on what to do when Twitter goes down.

When Ms. Ileane Speaks, it is a time to listen. She has so much valuable information to share about blogging, with her, as well as her podcast at

Oh, and you will also want to check out her newest program, on making money with YouTube videos.

Here is a vide interview of the wonderful Ms. Ileane, where she shares more tips and ideas. And, check out the links, below, for podcast versions of the same interview, as well as subscription info for Ms. Ileane.

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Have you ever started packing for a trip and you are planning a night out or a festive party, during your trip, and you are not sure what to pack so that you have all you need without packing your entire fashion center? Lisa Gibson to the rescue! She will share tips and ideas and answer your questions about what to have in the travel makeup bag, even if it is traveling to the local mall for an afternoon with the girls.

Be sure to join us every week, same time, same hashtag. #SocialCafe makeup and fashion chat with Lisa Gibson (@makeupro99) and Deborah Anderson (@socialwebcafe) as your host.