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30+ Monetization Ideas/Resources for Bloggers

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30+ Monetization Ideas/Resources for Bloggers

Heading into 2024, the digital landscape continues to evolve, offering bloggers novel and innovative ways to monetize their content. Here’s a list of 30+ monetization ideas/resources for bloggers in the emerging digital era.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Direct Ad Sales * – To understand how to make money being someone who sells Direct Ads (or Solo Ads), learn from the best and one of the best is definitely Jaszdeep. He often has free training (YouTubes, articles, etc.) to help you learn how HE does it. He also has coaching and paid training available.
  • RSS Feed Monetization * – FeedBlitz is a dependable, affordable solution to help you make money. How? Integrate ads directly into your feed content. Also, partner with sponsors who pay for inclusion in your RSS feeds, targeting specific posts that align with their audience. You can also offer premium subscription-based feeds that provide exclusive content for a fee. .
  • Sponsored Content – To make money with sponsored content, first grow an engaged audience on platforms like blogs, YouTube, or Instagram. Create a media kit showcasing your reach, demographics, and past collaborations. Reach out to brands that resonate with your audience or use influencer marketing platforms to find sponsorship opportunities. .
  • Advertising Networks – Google AdSense is an advertising network that helps connect you to advertisers (serving as an intermediary between you, the publisher, and advertisers). You earn money based on user clicks or impressions. Other sites include Media.net and Infolinks.

AI-Generated Content

  • AI-Generated Content * – Use AI to create personalized content for readers, accessible through paid subscriptions. One of the most valuable all-purpose AI tools, to help you prepare content to sell (because of its high-quality and versatility) is Magai.
  • AI-Generated Images * – Pictory is an excellent site for the creation of AI images and video. Granted, you should not (ethically) claim that you created the images from scratch but you can still provide the images to those who do not have time to use AI for themselves to create images for their sites and promos, offer them the service they need.

Consulting and Coaching

  • Online Courses and Webinars * – Skool is an excellent place to make money with online courses and webinars (also with the monthly contest!). Create comprehensive and engaging content in the form of video lessons, PDF handouts, and more. Other platforms include Thinkific and Teachable. Hosting live webinars can also increase sales.
  • Coaching Programs (Individual & Group) * – ClarityFlow is a less-expensive option to offer a sophisticated group coaching program to people, with options for one-on-one. In allows for options to create the coaching program in the way you envision it, with your own materials, programs, and communication methods. You could also use your website.
  • Virtual Events * – LiveWebinar can help you make money with virtual events (even for free). Choose a hot topic likely to attract. Charge admission fees or offer free registration with paid upgrades. Attract sponsors who want to reach your audience, offering them advertising or speaking opportunities. Other platforms are Zoom, Hopin, or Eventbrite.
  • Offer Advice and Guide People – Clarity.fm seems to be a great place to try your hand at making money by offering advice. Start by establishing expertise in a niche that has demand. Build credibility through certifications, experience, etc. Another platform is Coach.me, or your personalized website.

Contests and Challenges

  • Recurring Contests * – Skool is has a recurring monthly contest. The contest is a competition of who can make the most money with their platform and of course, by competing, you are making money, because that is the name of the game! The game, itself does not cost anything and you can compete for the first two weeks for free to see if it is for you before continuing.
  • One-Off Contests and Challenges – These may not be as commonplace as they used to be but you can watch for contests where you have cash winnings. Sometimes the prize is service or products where you are saving money. One place to check for contests is. I’m not sure this belongs in monetization but I’ve given you more than 30, so consider this a freebie.

Joint Ventures

  • Influencer Collaborations – Aspire is a place to start if you want to make money with influencer collaborations. Develop your unique brand voice and style. Connect with brands that align with your values and audience interests. Charge for sponsored posts, stories, and content collaborations. Diversify your income by including affiliate marketing links. Upfluence is another resource.
  • Partner Collaborations – JVZoo is an option if you want to create a joint venture with a partner and sell products, services, or anything that JVZoo (or similar platforms) will allow. You can work together to manage a team of affiliates to promote your product(s). In some cases, you can compete as a team in contests and win cash. .

Licensing & Syndication

  • Licensing Content * – Envato has helpful guides for those wishing to license their creations to make money with others using their creations (videos, music, articles, or photographs, etc.). Protect your intellectual property by securing copyright for your creations. Getty Images is another helpful resource.


  • Syndication – Taboola is an example of syndication. To make money with content syndication, create high-quality, valuable content that appeals to a broad audience. Partner with larger platforms or media outlets that target similar demographics. License your content to these partners, allowing them to republish it for a fee or a share of ad revenue.


  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences – Offer immersive VR content or tours related to your niche is one way to make money in virtual reality. There are actually many ways to make money with VR and it could be a separate article in and of itself. This short video gives an overview of some basic approaches if you are interested in VR.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Content – Offer to create augmented reality (AR) experiences for people, for their websites, for a fee, using basic software. This video helps explain augmented reality and gives a sort of introduction into what you would need in order to get started.
  • Voice-over Work – Voices is a place where you can create a portfolio of your voice-over work. To make money with voice-over work, start by honing your vocal skills and recording a high-quality demo showcasing your range and abilities. Another website is Voice123.

Purchasing Power

  • Stock Photography and Images * – Envato is a way to make money with stock photography. Focus on producing high-quality, versatile images that meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. Research trending topics and themes to maximize your sales potential. Each sale generates royalties and sometimes more, depending on platform. Other platforms include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images.
  • eCommerce – Shopify is an example of making money with eCommerce. Start by identifying a niche market and sourcing products that cater to specific consumer needs. Other platforms include WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Analyze your sales data to continually improve your product offerings and marketing tactics.
  • Microtransactions – To make money with microtransactions, integrate small, in-app purchases within digital products like games or apps. These can include virtual goods, features, or subscription services. Design your product to entice users to spend small amounts frequently for a better or enhanced experience. Offer a seamless payment process to encourage transactions.
  • eBooks and Digital Products – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a place to go to make money with eBooks and digital products. Choose a lucrative niche that aligns with your expertise. Create high-quality, valuable content and design an attractive, professional layout. Offering free samples or introductory prices can help generate initial reviews and boost sales. Gumroad is another option.

Subscription Models

  • Exclusive Memberships * – Skool, like others as a great way to make money with exclusive memberships, create a niche community offering unique, high-value content and services not available elsewhere. Set up a tiered membership system, each providing different levels of access and benefits. Other platforms include Patreon, Memberful, or your own website (like WordPress with S2Member or aMember).
  • Dynamic Paywalls – To make money with dynamic paywalls, implement a flexible paywall system on your content platform, like a news site or blog. Dynamic paywalls adjust visibility of content based on user behavior, maximizing both subscription conversions and ad revenue. Utilize analytics to determine when to ask readers to pay. .
  • Subscription Levels – Patreon is an example of making money with subscription levels, offering different tiers of membership, each providing increasing value. Start by identifying the core services or content you can offer and structure these into basic, premium, and elite levels, adjusting the price and access accordingly. A platform like Substack can be used for newsletters.

The Classics

  • Email Marketing * – Offer premium content or exclusive deals through a paid subscription-based newsletter. Or, you can offer a free newsletter and monetize via ads and affiliate links. Many of these options overlap into other options, like solo ads. The article linked here is one that provides great information on email marketing. .
  • Affiliate Marketing – To make money with affiliate marketing, start by selecting a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise. Join affiliate programs through networks like Amazon Associates or Commission Junction, selecting products that are relevant to your audience. Track your performance and optimize strategies to increase conversions and earnings.
  • Affiliate Text Links – Monetize by adding affiliate text links within your content. You may not get rich by doing this but it is helpful to get in the habit of always including links. If you create a system, like keeping your shortlinks or pretty links tab open all the tab, it becomes second nature to add these text links when writing or using social media.
  • Freelance Writing and Ghostwriting – To make money with freelance writing and ghostwriting, start by honing your writing skills and finding your niche. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer connect writers with clients. Build a strong portfolio to showcase your work. For ghostwriting, network with industry professionals and publishers who may need someone to write on their behalf.
  • Product Reviews – To make money with product reviews, start a blog or YouTube channel focusing on a niche that interests you. Develop credibility by providing honest, thorough reviews. Monetize your content through affiliate marketing links. Alternatively, collaborate with brands for sponsored posts once you have a significant following.

Unique Approaches

  • Lead Generation for Others – To make money with lead generation, create captivating marketing campaigns that attract potential customers. Use standard digital tools to drive traffic. Then, capture leads using optimized landing pages and forms. Build and manage a database of these leads to sell to businesses that benefit from pre-qualified prospects.
  • Blockchain-Based Content – Steemit is a site where you can distribute your blockchain-based content after creating it. Another site is Mirror. These sites can help you earn cryptocurrency based on user engagement and votes. Leverage the unique properties of blockchain for transparency and rights management. .
  • Crowdfunding and Donations – KickStarter is a site to raise money with crowdfunding and donations. Craft a compelling story that resonates with potential donors. Set realistic goals and provide attractive rewards. Transparency about the use and allocation of funds is crucial to build trust and encourage contributions. Updates and gratitude messages, too. Another site is GoFundMe.
  • Mobile Apps – To make money with mobile apps, develop a unique app that solves a specific problem or entertains. Focus on user experience and interface design to ensure your app is engaging and easy to use. Monetize your app through advertisements, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or charging for the app itself. .

The key to successful monetization is understanding your audience and offering value in innovative ways. Always explore new trends and technologies that can enhance the way you produce and monetize content in 2024 and beyond.

* The asterisk indicates that that is an affiliate link and that we may earn a few dollars if you click on that link or make a purchase on that site. This helps to support this site and my time in putting together this article (as well as maintaining it), so I do thank you. 🙂 -Deborah

About the author: Deborah is the “secret” SEO ninja and internet marketer from the very beginning (and sought after by the legendary Corey Rudl, and other industry pioneering greats). For more information about Deborah (aka Deborah E), visit the “About” page.

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