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Content Struggles: Unlock Simple Steps to Refresh Your Words

We have all heard the declaration “content is king.” It serves as a constant reminder to refresh the content you build on your website.

You may have also been told the importance and power that comes from sharing your content. The more you share the more they will care.

You have to write the words, craft the messages, and format the content that will build your brand. You also have to juggle the rest of your business and life – making time to do all the other items on your must do a to-do list.

The key to getting your words out there lies in finding simple ways to repurpose what you create.

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Tips for Repurposing What You Have Already Written

Craft a blurb. The blurb focuses on the keyword for the content and a way to summarize the point of the words that will follow. It is not essential to the flow of the article so it could be cut from the long form post and used as a description tag or a social media post.

Write with platforms in mind. Short and simple points can easily be repurposed into tweets for that platform. Highlighted or bulleted points make great images for Pinterest or Instagram. You can also use these platform elements to help break up the content and create a more appealing post for readers.

Tips for Coming Up with Writing Ideas

Point back to content with points. Breaking down the content into simple points makes it easier to read but also produces simple share moments. Switch up social media content by focusing on one point for each post. It will keep your social content fresh and also point back to your long-form content.

Rework your content instead of rewriting your content. Content – even that shared across platforms – needs to be fresh for each use, but it doesn’t have to be new. Bullet points can be expanded in long-form content while just the main point is shared on other platforms. Let the words work for you.



Add a call to action that is platform specific. Be aware of how others use the platforms. Add a question on Facebook to stir conversation. Utilize hashtags on Instagram to generate more attention. Draw on strong images to increase Pins on Pinterest. Knowing how each platform works will help you craft the right call to action for each one from the content you have already created.

Let’s Review

  1. Consider re-purposing your long-form posts into something short and creative, maybe specifically for a social platform.
  2. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box.
  3. Don’t fear fear itself. Be you! Let the world see that creativity!