Using RSS to Offer Your Barter Services(?)

Please note: Ultimate RSS Guide is not affiliated with UC Global Marketplace Exchange in any way and we do not benefit from sharing this video.

Why is this video being displayed on this site?

Glad you asked! We spend time searching for RSS related videos for you, hopefully, every week. The idea is to provide you with creative ways to use RSS feed, whether that is your plan (to use RSS) or for educational purposes or just pure entertainment (like, “I didn’t know you could do THAT!”). In this case, from what we gather, it is a sort of international barter site and you can take advantage of, or offer services(?). Again, since we are not affiliated with this company, brand, site, or YouTube channel, our guess is almost as good as yours 🙂

So, if you opt to use this service (mentioned in the video, it is at your own discretion and we are not offering any suggestion, as I am not sure what our opinion is, yet, except that it is a creative use for RSS. Oh, and this is the page where we found more information about RSS and UC Global Marketplace Exchange.

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