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30+ Monetization Ideas/Resources for Bloggers

Welcome to “30+ Monetization Ideas/Resources for Bloggers!” Since I literally just created this post today and mentioned it on the XSpace, that is likely how you found it. That is great! Please bookmark this post, so you can benefit when as I update it (which I plan to do, even so I can use it!). [...]

Create a YouTube Channel: Tips & Tricks

So you want to be a YouTuber, huh? Well, strap in because starting a YouTube channel is an exciting rollercoaster ride! From picking your first video topic to growing an engaged audience, this guide’s got your back. We’ll walk through step-by-step how to set up your channel, brand it, and start engaging viewers. You’ll learn insider tips to help your channel stand out in the crowded YouTube-verse. And, remember, YouTube is where you want to be with those Google searches since Google owns YouTube! Whether you want to share your art, spread knowledge, or just tell stories, this article will give you the keys to YouTube success. Your journey to becoming an influencer starts right here!

Preparing for an AI-Driven Future: The Evolving Role of AI in SEO

As an SEO professional, you know the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive in this fast-paced industry. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), you need to understand how this technology is reshaping search engine optimization. In your role, failing to adapt to AI risks becoming obsolete.

This article explores how AI is transforming SEO and the practical steps you must take to prepare for an AI-driven future. We examine the evolving role of AI in key areas like keyword research, content creation, link building, and site analytics. You will gain insight into how to leverage AI to enhance your SEO efforts as well as avoid potential pitfalls. With the right strategy, you can harness the power of AI to boost your search rankings and create more intelligent campaigns. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be ready to thrive in an AI-powered SEO landscape.

Video Tools and Resources

…SocialWebCafe is the video side of that project. Michael and I built the sound studio and video studio (two different physical and digital studios that overlap) that are responsible for that success and other successes. We also have 30-35 years of experience each, and I have sound engineering education from Los Angeles Film School, and Michael is a professional Photographer who has consulted some key names in Hollywood as well… you get the idea…

So, out of that experience, we put our heads together to compile the following list and interspersed tips, ideas, etc., that you find on this page. Many of the items on this list are used (or have been used) in our own studio(s). Others have been recommended by colleagues or respected experts in the field…

Livestream with Anna Scheller (@SchellerAnna) and #USABizParty Perks!

Note: Do you want a solution for the looking-at-the-webcam and still looking like you are looking at the people in a virtual meeting (or other virtual event)? I have a solution for you! See my page here, with Video Resources! Hey all! Ms. Anna Scheller and the #USABizParty has been gracious enough to invite me [...]

Understanding RSS

Granted, RSS was more popular (or at least discussed more often) in years past. But, it hasn’t completely gone away and in fact, many of those who truly understand RSS (and its capabilities) are using it behind-the-scenes. Pretty much, the purpose of this site is to give you the option of becoming one of those [...]