Deborah Anderson

Are you allergic to peanuts or have friends or loved ones who are allergic? Do you have other food allergies or medical needs, or dietary desires and just want to chat about it? Join us during this Twitter Chat when we talk about dietary challenges and fun things we can do and make and buy to emphasize the fun aspects of modifying the diet. Also, we will have Stacey, from Peanut Free Zone, joining us to tell us about all her cool products and resources for those allergic to peanuts.

Join us for this Twitter Chat about dietary needs and how to enjoy the holidays in spite of it. Let’s turn those restrictions into fun alternatives. Special bonus is the opportunity to chat about peanut-free products from Peanut Free Zone, with Stacey Stratton.

Have you ever started packing for a trip and you are planning a night out or a festive party, during your trip, and you are not sure what to pack so that you have all you need without packing your entire fashion center? Lisa Gibson to the rescue! She will share tips and ideas and answer your questions about what to have in the travel makeup bag, even if it is traveling to the local mall for an afternoon with the girls.

Be sure to join us every week, same time, same hashtag. #SocialCafe makeup and fashion chat with Lisa Gibson (@makeupro99) and Deborah Anderson (@socialwebcafe) as your host.

The story goes that curiosity struck over a common breakfast, in the techno city of Austin, Texas, three years ago. The topic? The question of how far a tweet would travel and how many people would read or retweet that tweet. Out of that curious conversation, the San Francisco based project, TweetReach, the brainchild of [...]

Talking Technology Behind The Investment Industry… Information for the Individual Investor

Listen, as Deborah answers questions about little-known and little-discussed issues that may affect the safety and the validity of the reporting of YOUR investments.

Deborah Anderson, part humanitarian and part financial industry technologist, having served as Chief Technology Officer in the Investment Industry in Los Angeles, uses her knowledge and her expertise to strive to help educate the public, in attempts to avoid Madoff schemes and damage by other disasters, specifically as it relates to the technology that handles client data.

Deborah will be interviewed on KLZ 560 AM and will be answering questions like:

Why would/should we care about the technology behind our investments?
How does this affect me, since I don’t use a Private firm for my investments?
I don’t invest anything, should I really care about this topic?
How do I know if I’m at risk?
What can I do, as a consumer, about this?

Tune in on Monday, June 25th (10:30 am MT) to hear her, live, at, known as the most positive business talk show in America.

You can also here the archived radio show at Radio Show Archive.

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