You’re in real estate and you’re ready to take on the internet, but how does Twitter figure into your marketing plan? Furthermore, should you integrate Twitter with your real estate blog? The good news is this: Your blog and Twitter can work together in a way that provides value to your readers!

Bringing A Smile To Their Faces

With just 140 characters, you might feel like you have to scramble to say something on Twitter that no other real estate agent, or person, has ever said, but that’s just not true. Your Twitter friends understand the limit of the social network. This actually works in your favor. You can back off trying to be the smartest or most original and simply post something whimsical or entertaining, at least some of the time. It takes the pressure off of you, and it may brighten another person’s day. It’s a win, win situation, really.

Beyond the whimsical, you should still post valuable content. Not everyone can make it big by posting LOLcats. Twitter gives you the opportunity to discuss industry news, link your new property listings, and ask buyers and sellers what they need from their real estate professionals. In this way, you provide even more value to consumers.

Twitter Visibility on Your Real Estate Blog

It might not be enough simply to join Twitter and post links to your blog update. You have to make your Twitter presence visible on your blog, too. What do we mean? Simply that you should at least link to your Twitter account on your blog to let your current visitors know you’ve entered the social domain. However, showing your recent tweets, which is possible with several Blogger widgets and WordPress plug-ins, gives you another way to increase visibility. Visitors who see your recent tweets will associate them with the person, or people, behind the blog. Sometimes, dissociation can occur when people see your tweets separately from your other online presences.

Get the Conversation Going

Not only do we recommend playing with a Twitter widget right on the front page of your real estate blog, but we recommend using it to actively engage your visitors. If they can reply to your tweets from the widget itself, they’re more likely to do so than if they have to navigate to Twitter, find the post and then reply. Plus, some widget tools let you display posts from multiple authors, which is handy if your entire real estate team is on Twitter. Finally, consider an option that lets your visitors see the entire conversation, including replies from other people. The back-and-forth might be just what your readers need to jump in on the conversation and let their own voices be heard.

Twitter also provides the opportunity to post links, images and infographics from your own blog, and when your social media friends click those links, they can leave comments on your blog. Twitter doesn’t have to replace your current commenting system, but you can think of it as a way to supplement those comments, especially if you know that particular users are likely to go off on a tangent.

It’s worth noting that you can allow your visitors to reply to comments with their Twitter account, which some social media users might prefer. You’ll have to swap your current commenting system to Disqus or LiveFyre to make the change, but both support signing in from Facebook, Twitter, Google and OpenID, among other account services.

Do you have any tips for Twitter and blog integration?

Twitter chats flow smoothest when participants have an idea of what will be discussed when. For this reason, our chats usually feature four questions posted in advance. This makes it easier for those interested in being involved in the chat to have any links they would like to share handy, make notes, or leave comments [...]

What do you know about Twitter?

Other than the common idea that it lets you create a huge network of individuals by following certain people and gathering followers, here are some amazing facts on one of the leading social media platforms.

There are around 750 tweets in a second and more than 340 million in a day.
With over 140 million active registered users, the site would rank twelfth as the country among the other nations with the highest population.
The busiest time ever in the online community’s history is during the TV screening of “Castle in the Sky” (a Japanese anime), which has a record of 25,088 tweets per second.
It has earned the title “the SMS of the Internet.”
It is one of the most visited websites.
Many users retweet posts mostly for their engaging content, personal connection, and humour (in this order).