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Twitter : 15 Things We Don’t Want To Know : …Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know –> Day 8

This is the eighth post in a series called, “15 Things We Don’t Want To Know (Or Won’t Admit We Want To Know)” in your Tweets. Well, honestly, some of these things may be interesting, but we don’t want to admit WE WANT TO KNOW.

This post was inspired by a discussion at the dinner table, when I used the word “impetus” and it was nearly misinterpreted for “impotence.” Any concerning issue about the real word that I was using was clarified when asked them to spell the word. Fortunately, my children follow my use of verbiage.

Impetus Issues

I understand the concern that you may have in wanting to share issues that concern you, namely impotence, and other related issues, but do you really want the whole world to know or suspect?

Sidebar: While on the topic of impotence (did I fool you with the title?), I found it interesting to find the definition of impetus. Click here and see for yourself.

My suggestion? Keep the impotence issues in the bedroom, between you and your significant other. If you really feel that you must share, send us an email. More than likely, our spam filter will catch it so you can “share” without it being “known” (hopefully).


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