An (Automated) Perspective on Video Marketing

The narration of this video sounds automated. But, I wanted to present it to you because most of the tips are viable in video marketing and it is good for you to hear what automation sounds like since there are quite a few tools that allow you to automate the narration, saving you time and effort.

However, personally, I like to add the human touch and narrate it with my voice 🙂 . The exception is if it is a bulk product for sale, in which case I would include the narration script so that someone else could read it (as a human or automated voice) and I would have narration software cover the videos.

That is just because I also happen to be a #1 Jazz Singer and we don’t want to dilute the market with something like PLR videos.. It would cheapen my Jazz. Think about that, too, if you are a celebrity or a highly rated singer like I am before you sell bulk products like video PLR.

Please show some love for the video owner and his/her YouTube channel (like, share, comment, etc.). And, don’t forget about while you are at it – We love engaging 🙂

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