Your Twitter Plan on a Daily Basis

Hello all,

Over the past several months, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with Twitter. I mean, I am not the type to tell you about every bite of food that I eat, but lurking in the background, saying nothing, is not exactly being a productive Tweep. I spent so much time on Facebook, that Twitter took a sort of back seat.

So, there must be a productive way of being interactive on Twitter without being stagnant and without being annoying.  So, I came up with the following mini-plan:

  • Come up with 18 original quotes, blog posts, etc. for each week, in one sitting.
  • Schedule these tweets, using, for three per day, Saturday-Thursday.
  • Every day, send out three RT or responses, in addition to the scheduled tweets.
  • On Friday, send out the #FF tweets.

In this way, I could ensure that I was sending out 6 tweets per day.  Of course, I scheduled them so that I did not have them piling on top of each other (annoying people), and I checked in as often as I could to see if there were responses or mentions.

Ok, was working, until I had the bright idea to branch out and create 5 Twitter accounts.  That’s 30 tweets a day!  And, more than that, what account was tweeting what?  I mean no one wants to follow all of my twitter accounts to receive everything in duplicate, no wait, triplicate, no quintuplicate!

The good thing is that adding Twitter accounts helped me to solidify what profile, and hence, web site, was for what… but, more on that later.

So, here I am, in need of even a more precise plan.  I searched the internet and found some great articles.  Hopefully these articles will help you come up with an idea for your Twitter Plan.

Social Media Examiner’s 8 Simple Steps to Growing a Quality Twitter Following.

Pay particular attention to #5: “Choose Different Formats for Your Scheduled Tweets.”

Cindy King came up with the following formats:

You can decide what works best for you, writing your tweets ahead of time and scheduling them all at once, or being more spontaneous.

My suggestion?  Have the right combination of both scheduled and spontaneous tweets.  You do not want to be so scheduled that you are a robot, but you do not want to be so spontaneous that you are annoying.

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