Canva Tutorials: Images, Social Selling Ads and Headers; How-to Stand Out on Twitter

Images will be more critical in 2015 than they have to date - particularly on Twitter - because not everyone is currently using them effectively. [...]

Facebook: Understanding Personal Profiles versus Fan Pages #SocialCafe #TBW (Summary)

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about Facebook: Understanding Personal Profiles versus Fan Pages.

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Even after Facebook has been around for awhile, and especially with all of the changes over its lifetime, there remains some level of confusion for people, on the difference between the profile and the fan page. Add in the groups and lists, and it can become interesting.

If you are a Facebook expert and you have a handle on this, please come share. If you are one of those who would like a better understanding of the differences and how to use the profile and page in a more effective manner, join us!

Facebook Notifications: Keeping You Caught Up and Providing Social Engagement Opportunities

Viral Content Buzz on #SocialCafe Twitter Chat (Summary)

Ann Smarty, of fame and her partner, Gerald Weber of Search Engine Marketing Group have put their heads together to form, which proves to be a contender in the social sharing playing field.

5 Great Practices for Realtors on Facebook

In this world of computer technology and tech savvy, many realtors are using their connection to the internet to market their business. This is a great way for you to promote listings, open houses, price drops, and great deals online. With the economy the way that it currently is, you might be looking for a way to promote your business and market yourself to potential clients without spending too much. Social media marketing is genius because it’s free and millions of people use it on a regular basis. Here are the top five practices you should be doing on Facebook.

Use Social Media to Connect With Clients

Instead of handing out business cards and sending business emails, invite clients to “Like” your Facebook page or connect with you on LinkedIn. This allows them to see you in a professional light as well as keep them updated on your new listings, price drops, and open houses without having to flood their inboxes or voicemail with emails and voice messages. It’s also a softer way to connect with people, because it allows them to get to know you easily. Additionally, you can get to know your clients by checking out their pictures and likes; when they decide to buy a house you already have a pretty good idea of what they want and can present them with preliminary information almost as soon as they suggest working with you.

The second practice you should use is to maintain a constant flow of communication with your clients. Post about recent listings, updates to your business, and make sure to change your photos regularly. Get rid of photos of homes you’ve sold and replace them with new listings and great deals.

Integrate Facebook to Your Other Marketing Methods

You can use Facebook for more than just posting photos and updating people with your statuses. You can set up your business blog to automatically post links to your blog on your Facebook page so all your clients can have ready access to them. Additionally, you can send out a monthly newsletter on Facebook rather than through email. Many people have things like this sent to their spam box, which means they don’t see it. Putting it on Facebook means they are able to see it and are aware it is out there for them.


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