Instagram Video #SocialCafe #TBW (Summary)

This SocialWebCafe Twitter Event is about Instagram Video.

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Instagram is another micro video site similar to Vine, but offering us more than twice the length of video. Granted, that is still only 15 seconds, but it can be bundles of fun!

Are You On The Vine? #SocialCafe #TBW (Summary)

Deborah Interviews Ms. Ileane for Social Web Cafe TV

When Ms. Ileane Speaks, it is a time to listen. She has so much valuable information to share about blogging, with her, as well as her podcast at

Oh, and you will also want to check out her newest program, on making money with YouTube videos.

Here is a vide interview of the wonderful Ms. Ileane, where she shares more tips and ideas. And, check out the links, below, for podcast versions of the same interview, as well as subscription info for Ms. Ileane.

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Holiday Gift Idea: Gadgets (w/@Dragonblogger) #SocialCafe (Summary)


It was a wonderful chat with Justin Germino, @Dragonblogger of as he answered questions and we shared about different gadgets that we like (or would like) during this holiday season. Watch the video, above, to find out some gadget shopping tips from the dragonblogger.

How to Go Viral: Makes Me Want To Dance In My Pajamas

Dancing In My Pajamas

It is not often that I get an urge to "get up and go" and make a difference in the world at the time that I'm about to lay my pretty little head down to sleep for the night. But, I read a post that does just that. It puts a spring in my step, hope in my eyes, and whispers, "Your viral dreams really COULD come true."

That post is one by Gail Gardner, at, entitled Viral Marketing: Using Viral Social Media to Create Viral Content.

In her article, Ms. Gardner actually talks about ways in which YOU can make a difference and help your video, or post, or picture, or any content, to go viral. She points out real-life YouTube examples and talks about WHY those particular YouTube videos went viral. This gives everyone hope on how they can do it themselves, and also, helps to dispel the idea that it "just happens." Oh, yes, Ms. Gardner talks about that as well.

How To Go Viral According to YouTube

One of the videos that Ms. Gardner shows is the following YouTube by Kevin Allocca, YouTube's "Trends Manager." Now, working for YouTube, and having access to THAT data, should make you, uh, a little knowledgeable in that area, right? Watch the video, first, then read on (please ;) ).


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