Impact of Augmented Reality on Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence has now become an inescapable winning digital marketing strategy for success. However, with millions of marketers and products swaying over social media, it is daunting for marketers to stay ahead of the curve. This is why marketers are constantly looking for new ways and tactics and augmented reality or AR [...]

Getting Along With Difficult People in Online Business

Let’s face it. There are difficult people in the world. And, they don’t only exist in families or other social groups. They exist online, too! They exist within the framework of content marketing, too! Sometimes (probably most of the time) when you least expect it. Like, what did you do, right? And, we know how [...]

Twitter is considered to be one of the world’s biggest social media platforms that your business can benefit from in a myriad ways. Benefits can include: reaching out to a wider audience connecting with your customers through public and transparent interaction creating a brand identity and attracting your target audience …and much more! Twitter marketing [...]

Content Struggles: Unlock Simple Steps to Refresh Your Words

The content struggles are real. Simple tricks can help you find ways to refresh your words and cut down on the content struggles.We have all heard the declaration “content is king.” It serves as a constant reminder to refresh the content you build on your website. You may have also been told the importance and power that comes from sharing your content. The more you share the more they will care. You have to write the words, craft the messages, and format

Top Tips for Digital Marketing

If you’re running a business in the modern age of the internet, you know how important digital marketing is. To have the best chance of running a successful business, you need a beautiful website that’s accessible across various devices along with an effective digital advertising strategy that increases your brand awareness and draws in customers [...]

Web Design that Pops: What is Most Important

Web design can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially with all of the components involved.   Let’s Simplify It Web design doesn’t have to be as scary or messy as it may appear. Back before Wordpress (and other platforms) people did it by hand… hand coding the HTML. I still do that, but seriously, back in those [...]